• November 22, 2022
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JDM Aust Manufactures Australian Waste Recycling Machinery

JDM Aust Manufactures Australian Waste Recycling Machinery

Presented by JDM Aust

Since 2004, JDM Aust has been the exclusive Australian importing agent of highly specialised waste recycling machinery. For many years the team has imported machinery engineered in Europe and the USA. But now, they’re also designing and manufacturing their own brands: Redback and Sort-Tec—which are built on local Aussie soil.

With a focus on the circular resource economy, JDM Aust’s directors had a strong vision for the future of manufacturing in Australia. 


Bringing Manufacturing to Australia

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, JDM Aust made the decision to locally manufacture a high speed timber grinder—designed specifically for Australian hardwood. This Australian line of machinery was aptly named “Redback”. 

With four fabrication and assembly sites across South East Queensland, the demand for Australian machinery has clearly shown JDM they’re on the right path for the Australian market. The team combines European expertise with Australian industry knowledge and premium local manufacturing to deliver a high quality product.


JDM Australia machinery. Source: Supplied.


The Future of Waste Recycling

Waste recycling is a significant part of the Australian economy—generating tens of billions of dollars every year. But, there’s still opportunities for new waste management processes to be implemented in order to combat the rising costs of disposal.

One such way is the new generation of recycling being introduced called on-site mobile waste recovery stations. These stations take up a small footprint and can be used to efficiently reduce the volume of waste in the SME sector. These businesses could create revenue from waste which has previously been an expense.

With this in mind, JDM Aust’s compact line, Sort-Tec, has been pushed to the forefront to service businesses that currently dispose of high yield recyclables, and have a limited physical capacity or need for large machinery. The Sort-Tec line only requires an area of 5 x 10 metres and can house several components. This makes the system compact and extremely efficient—an ideal miniature plant for all businesses, from skip bin operators to shopping centres. 

Bespoke solution by SORT-TEC. Source: Supplied.


Engineering Solutions for a Range of Industries

JDM Aust engineers waste recycling machinery to suit a broad range of industries from forestry greenwaste to industrial tyre shredding. The team can work with established plants to bring their cutting edge technology to the line. This creates more efficiency, better financial yield and a softer environmental impact to produce optimal outcomes for the business. 

JDM Aust’s team of specialists provide complete turnkey projects. They service large, sophisticated plants that require many decades of industry experience and the highest grade of efficiency; as well as small footprint plants that deliver ongoing revenue and tangible results. JDM Aust can advise clients across Australia on the best global brands. They have a long and demonstrated history of success in the Australian equipment industry, which allows them to provide the best solutions for every business.  

Contact JDM Aust to discuss your business requirements. The team provides industry specific knowledge, experience and advice to deliver optimal results, regardless of your business size or market.

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