• June 5, 2019
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John Deere Announces Gen 4 Software & Machine Sync Updates

John Deere Announces Gen 4 Software & Machine Sync Updates

John Deere released its latest software update for their Generation 4 4600 CommandCenter and 4640 Universal Displays. Software update 19-1 looks to improve automation, documentation, functionality and security. It also enables Deere’s Machine Sync harvest functionality on the Gen 4 platform. That’s for both tractors and combines.

According to John Mishlery, Marketing Manager for Precision Ag Technologies at John Deere,  the update “also enables Gen 4 Display compatibility with more John Deere equipment (including 8000- and 9000-Series Forage Harvesters), documentation of weather and field conditions, expands AutoTrac™ functionality and automation on more equipment, and provides additional levels of security than before.”

Estimated Times & Remote Monitoring

After the update, Gen 4 displays will now show area remaining and estimated time to completion for many field operations, giving you accurate time estimates throughout the workday. The software update has also doubled the number of legend colours on the display—letting operators view yield, prescriptions and as-applied maps in greater detail.

John Deere tractor

Operators will now be able to manually document weather and field conditions from the cab: often critical information for planting records. Recordable data includes:

  • Wind speed & direction
  • Weather
  • Soil & field conditions

Operators can also view information on the display on any web-connected device when used with JDLink Connect. This is through the John Deere Operations Center and MyOperations mobile app for remote monitoring and tracking.

In an increase to machine security, the update gives owners and operators the ability to lock Gen 4 Universal Displays and StareFire 6000 receivers with a 4-digit pin.

John Deere Gen 4 Machine 4 Sync

Along with the 19-1 software update, John Deere has announced they are also expanding their Machine Sync feature. This synchronises tractor and grain cart speed and position with the combine for on-the-go unloading during harvest.

Operators using Gen 4 Machine Sync can also use In-FIeld Data Sharing to wirelessly share:

  • Guidance lines
  • Coverage maps
  • Machine location
  • Grain tank fill level
  • Unloading auger status between machines

The 19-1 software update is now available, and John Deere customers are encouraged to download and install it on all of their Gen 4 Displays.

Contact your local dealer or read the original press release to find out more.

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