Farms and properties across Australia are making the switch to John Deere lubricant Plus-50 II engine oil. Guaranteeing 500 hours between drain intervals* is one of the key selling points of this product, designed for increased productivity.

Toowoomba-based GD Farming is a large farming operation, utilising 60 stationary engines, 35 tractors, 4 cotton pickers, 4 spray rigs and 2 harvester machines. And they use Plus-50 II in all of their machines.

Troy Knight, Farm Manager for GD Farming, says: “The main benefit is about efficiency with such a big operation and large number of machines”.  

With 50km separating the two furthest farms, it’s easy to see why the longer drain interval is such a big drawcard for them. In fact, Troy adds, “If we had half that service time, we would have to employ twice as many mechanics to get our machines serviced.”

John Deere tractor

Designed by Expert John Deere Engineers

John Deere engineers designed Plus-50 II to exceed the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute (API). It’s also backwards compatible with previous API engine oil classifications, great news for farms using older machines.

To ensure Plus-50 II handles the tough work demanded on farms around Australia, John Deere engineers put it through the JDQ-78X test. The test involves putting the oil under the most extreme conditions for 500 hours to see how it protects the engine and how long it will last. The results? Plus-50 II can last up to the full 500 hours*, giving you more time to work between oil changes.

Another farm making use of Plus-50 II’s long drain interval is Lassogowrie Farms in Western Australia. Spanning over 100km, their large sheep and cropping operation uses multiple John Deere machines—including the S790 and S690—all of which use Plus-50 II and usually require an oil change out at 450 to 500 hours.

The extended life of Plus-50 II is a godsend on large properties where efficiency is key.

John Deere farm machinery


Plus-50 II is compatible with a variety of machines. Though John Deere recommend it for four-stroke naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharged diesel engines. For example: heavy-duty off-road equipment, vehicles with John Deere IT4 engines, on-road trucks, marine engines, and any vehicles requiring CJ-4 oil.

Not sure whether Plus-50 II is the right choice for you? Talk to your local John Deere dealer or read through the product brochure to find out more.

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*500 hour drain interval applies to John Deere diesel engines when the following criteria are met: 1. Engine is equipped with an extended drain interval oil pan. 2. Machine operates with Plus-50 II engine oil API CK-4. 3. Machine uses a John Deere engine oil filter. 4. Machine uses only ultra low sulphur diesel fuel.

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