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Review: Kubota R520S Articulated Loader

Review: Kubota R520S Articulated Loader

Kubota R520S: The introduction

Farming is a high risk, high reward venture that has been around for centuries. This is the reason why many choose to invest their hard-earned money here. On one hand, it can be said that you can never go wrong if you choose this path. On the other hand, it should be noted that farming has become a lot more complicated than it was before. It has, say, moved from a traditional style of planting and contending for basic requirements such as water and sunlight. Nowadays, you need the right set of equipment to even survive. Which can be quite tricky especially if you lack funding. The good news is you can always focus on the basics so as to make sure that your operations won’t be compromised. This is where an articulated loader in the mould of a Kubota R520S comes in.

Kubota R520S: Key features

Excellent engine

An excellent engine can go a long way in the farming industry. It can help you make you make the most of your investment–durability wise–and save fuel along the way. It is safe to say that the Kubota Interim Tier IV engine is all about these. It has gained notoriety in the industry for its superb horsepower as well as performance. Plus, it offers low vibration and noise levels. This does not only paves the way for a quiet workplace, it also extends the lifespan of your engine. It reduces the amount of unnecessary vibration that may damage its important components.

Cutting-edge Load Sensing Transmission (LST)

The R520S and a myriad of other Kubota loaders are packed with Load Sensing Transmission feature. This allows you to operate your equipment more efficiently. This enables you to automatically shift from low torque/high speed to high torque/low speed in a jiffy. To add, you can also operate in tight spaces with ease thanks to travel speed limiter. It works by reducing the maximum speed with a click of the button. In turn, it also maintains full performance of its auxiliary hydraulics.

Remarkable traction

Working on different surfaces won’t only take its toll on your equipment, it could also compromise your safety. The good news is, the Kubota guys know this and for this reason, they armed the R520S with a 4-wheel drive function. This allows you to easily out-muscle challenging terrains that include sand, mud, and snow, among others. When one front wheel is on soft or loose terrain, its Limited Slip Differential transfers that particular wheel’s power to the other wheel to restore traction.

Safety guaranteed

Kubota engineers and designers did not only make sure that the practical aspects are covered; they also guarantee that your welfare is taken care of. They are highlighted by an automatic parking brake, which engages each time the engine is turned off. This becomes extremely useful when you park your loader on a steep slope or it’s transported.

Kubota R520S: Price


Kubota R520S: Videos

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Kubota R520S: The verdict

All in all, the Kubota R520S Articulated Loader is a worthwhile investment that can deliver advantageous gains. With this, you can jump start your new company or improve a growing one. In addition to the above-mentioned features, it also has an electric shuttle shifting that can save time and labour. Plus, it has  Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure FOPS) features that boost its already exceptional safety requirements. With all these into consideration, it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with the Kubota R520S.

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