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Review: Liebherr LH 26 M Industry Litronic

Review: Liebherr LH 26 M Industry Litronic

Liebherr LH 26 M: The introduction

There are a lot of heavy duty machines that cater to the construction industry. But apart from the usual bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, and loaders, there is also other equipment that is very essential. I’m referring to hosts. These are quite necessary for the success of operations, especially when you’re hauling and handling a wide range of materials. So it’s a good thing that there are a number of manufacturing companies that develop these machines. One of them is Liebherr. Since the company’s inception, they have delivered a variety of reliable heavy duty machinery to the market. And since I had the pleasure to check out their LH 26 M material hoist recently, I decided to feature that in my review today. So without further ado, here’s my take on the said material handling machine.

Liebherr LH 26 M: Key features

Impressive engine

The first thing that stood out to me was the engine of the LH 26 M. It features a Liebherr D834 engine that can deliver 110kW of power at 1800rpm. This 4-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine boasts of a common-rail type system. In addition to that, it is turbocharged, as well as water-cooled with an integrated motor oil cooler. Not to mention that it reduces emissions as well. That’s because of the oxidant catalyst that complies with the emission standards. It’s definitely worth noting as well that this machine hoist can reach up to 13m. Furthermore, it has a sorting grab capacity of 0.50 to 1.10 cubic meter. So with just these numbers, you can already see how capable this equipment is in all sorts of applications and operations.

Comfortable operator cabin

Liebherr certainly did not forget the operator with the engineering of the LH 26 M. The standard operator seat is an air cushioned seat with headrest. It also has a lap belt, a seat heater, and you can adjust the weight manually as well. This means that it will definitely be suitable for various operators. Another factor that adds comfort is its shock-absorption suspension feature. Not to mention that it lessens noise levels as well. More than that, Liebherr offers a number of options to further promote the comfort of the driver and thereby increasing productivity as well.


In order to allow for more versatility, you must also invest in a wide range of attachments. Well, with the LH 26 M machine hoist, you’re sure to enjoy the various tools you can utilise. You can equip this heavy duty machinery with shells for loose material that is perfect for the mass handling of bulk materials. With this, you can gather ore, coal, sand, gravel, and grain.

Aside from that, there are the multiple tine grapples, a wood grapple, a sorting grapple, and even magnet devices or lifting magnets. These attachments come in different kinds which allow you to select the most suitable one for the task at hand.  So as you can see, there’s a myriad of ways that you can use the LH 26 M. But do keep in mind that these equipment do have additional costs. So you may want to think about it first before making any purchases.

Liebherr LH 26 M: Price

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Liebherr LH 26 M: Videos

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Liebherr LH 26 M: The verdict

The LH 26 M is an upgrade of its predecessors. It boasts of a wider undercarriage in comparison to other models. That makes it able to accommodate higher load capacities, as well as longer reach. Of course, Liebherr was able to achieve these without compromising stability and comfort. So it’s definitely safe to say that this machine hoist makes for a good investment in the construction industry.

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