Monster mining trucks hit Aussie shores at Peak Downs mine

National Group have handed over 5 of the world’s second-largest (and Australia’s largest) mining trucks to BHP last month—the Liebherr T 282 C. These are the last of this model to come to Australia, with Liebherr now producing the T 284.

These trucks add to the 250-strong fleet of ‘ultra-class’ large heavy earthmoving equipment (HME) for National Group.

About the T 282 C Haul Truck

Liebherr mining trucks

Source: Supplied

If you’ve ever wondered how big mining trucks can get… the answer is, ‘very big’! Standing 8.3 metres high (27’ 3”), these haul trucks are beasts. If you were to stand next to one, its tyre would be double your size (see pic below)!

The Liebherr T 282 C is the largest Ultra-Class Haul truck in Australia today”

—Tom Juric, Liebherr Australia Executive General Manager – Marketing & Sales

This Liebherr mining truck is the lightest (lowest empty vehicle weight) and most capable (highest payload) ultra-class mining truck there is. These trucks can consistently haul 400-ton payloads, making it one of the most productive and fuel-efficient haul trucks in Australia.

This truck combines a high-horsepower diesel engine with an efficient Litronic Plus AC drive system to maximise productivity and minimise fuel consumption.


The Liebherr T 282 C haul truck

Source: Supplied

See the Liebherr mining truck in action

Getting The Trucks to Peak Downs

As you can imagine, getting the trucks to their destination is no small feat. National Group have been part of every aspect of the handover (from receiving the trucks new, delivered from the Liebherr manufacturing facility), to transporting the trucks from Mackay to Peak Downs, then finally assembling them onsite.

Managing Director, Mark Ackroyd summed it up quite simply by saying:

“Here at National Group, we are just really excited for the future so stay tuned for what’s to come”.

Have you seen these ‘monster’ trucks up close? Tell us what you think of them in the comments below.

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