• October 30, 2020
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Machines4U Enters the Hire Game

Machines4U Enters the Hire Game

2020 has been a crazy year for capital equipment dealers across Australia. With supply chains disrupted and imports slowed at customs, getting the right machinery for your business has become harder than ever. But one area of the industry has been a God-send for many, and that’s hire equipment. Many in the industry were worried about projects that may not have been completed due to the lack of imports of new machinery from China and Europe. But hire companies have filled the gap and enabled many projects to be completed on schedule, even during a global pandemic.

However, one of the main challenges for companies looking to hire equipment was finding and comparing equipment. With no central database for hire equipment, a buyer would need to spend hours sifting through search results and comparing websites.

Here at Machines4U, we noticed the increase in demand for hire equipment and knew we had to do something to make it easier for buyers to find hire companies across Australia. Which is why we’ve created our new hire pages. 

These pages are designed to make it easier for sellers to get their machinery in front of potential customers. And for buyers to easily compare machines and prices across a range of companies and locations. We’ve made sure dealers are able to input as much information for potential customers as possible, including price per day, wet vs dry hire and how many are available in the fleet. The demand for hire equipment has spiked across Australia, and we needed to ensure users on Machines4U are able to easily find the machine they’re looking for— whether it’s for sale or for hire. 

With COVID-19 remaining a global issue for the foreseeable future, it’s important Australian companies are able to access the machinery and equipment they need. Hire equipment is able to fill the void left by restricted imports and will enable many projects across the country to continue where they may have otherwise stopped. 

“COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty and challenges across this financial year. But it’s also been a magnifying glass and highlighted the strengths of hire businesses in the capital equipment industry. We’ve seen these businesses evolve rapidly and while they may have been challenged, many have come back stronger than ever.

We’re adapting to the changing market, putting focus on machinery hire to help solve the supply issues COVID-19 has caused now and potentially over the next few years.”

Steve Krebs – Machines4U Co-Founder

But even when COVID-19 has passed and imports are able to arrive smoothly again, we want anyone who is looking to hire equipment to be able to easily find and compare a range of companies and machines in a single place. Which is why we’re incorporating hire listings into every Machines4U membership, giving every company the opportunity to take advantage of hiring machines out in their local area.

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