• January 9, 2019
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New Bourgault X Models Built For Aussies

New Bourgault X Models Built For Aussies

A key player in the air seeder industry, Bourgault Australia, has introduced their brand new 7000X series to the Australian market.

These new air seeder models will have Aussie farmers rejoicing, as these machines host a design that will answer many of their problems.

“These new models are exactly what our customers have been asking for,” Bourgault Australia general manager Ben Bulley said.

“They have the same durable construction and standard features that made Bourgault the benchmark in modern air seeder design. Yet now offer capacities and options for multiple granular and liquid products as well as tyre choices for either maximum flotation or CTF operations”.

The New 7000X Air Seeder Features

Bourgault listened to the needs of their customers, and as a result introduced the 7000X Series air seeders which feature:

  • A different tank configuration
  • New options for on-board liquid delivery
  • 3 10-foot track running gear for Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF)
  • 4-tank design with 30-20-20-30 tank split (available in 19,380 L or 24,660 L)
  • Trailing models have revised steering axles & high load carrying singles tyres

The usual 7000 Series features are still available for the 7000X Series, such as single shoot or double shoot, weigh scales, dual boom Auto Section Control (ASC) and small seeds saddle tank.

But what makes the 7000X models unique is their configuration. Configure these models with any 1-2 of 3 back tanks as Streamliner models for liquids.

The 7000X series includes the 7550X, L7750X, 7700X, L7700X and the L7700X (a brand new model).

7000X Series Wheel Options & Tank Capacities

Wheel/Tyre Options 7550X 7700X L7550X L7700X
Front Tyre/Axle
3 metre wheel trach (CTF) 600/70R30 (singles) 710/70R38 (singles)
Non-CTF 1.8 metre wheel track 28L x 26 (singles)
Non-CTF wheel track 710/70R42 (singles)
Non-CTF wheel track 850/80R38 (singles)
Rear Tyre/Axle
3 metre wheel trach (CTF) 710/70R38 (singles) IF710/70R38CFO LSW900/60R42
Non-CTF 1.8 metre wheel track 900/60R32 (singles) 850/80R38 (singles)
Non-CTF wheel track 650/75R34 (duals) 710/70R42 (duals) 800/65R32 (duals)
Non-CTF wheel track 800/65R32 (duals) 850/80R38 (duals) 850/80R38 (duals)


Tank Capacities 7550X 7700X L7550X L7700X
(Litres) Granular Liquid Granular Liquid Granular Liquid Granular Liquid
Tank 1 5810 7400 5810 7400
Tank 2 3880 3500 4930 4500 3880 3500 4930 4500
Tank 3 3880 3500 4930 4500 3880 3500 4930 4500
Tank 4 5810 5500 7400 7000 5810 5500 7400 7000
Total 19380 24660 19380 24660
Optional Saddle Tank 705 705 1410

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