• February 22, 2019
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New Komatsu Mining Dozer First Of Its Kind

New Komatsu Mining Dozer First Of Its Kind

Komatsu are known for their trailblazing. First with their world-leading hybrid excavator, and now the Komatsu mining dozer. It comes with integrated intelligent machine control. Launched in January 2019, the D375Ai-8 “intelligent” dozer delivers proven productivity, efficiency and cost-saving benefits.

While this is a first in the mining industry, this isn’t a first for Komatsu. They integrate intelligent systems in small and mid-size dozers. And have done so for the last 3 years.

Komatsu Australia’s mining product manager, Michael Hall, says the dozer is highly productive.

“The dozer can carry out both bulk and final trim dozing in automatic mode, from start to finish. Delivering final grade performance and accuracy.” he said.

Michael also discussed how the Komatsu mining dozer will benefit the bottom line. “The concept [can] increase productivity and efficiency. [Specifically] up to twice as productive as dozers fitted with ‘bolt-on’ third-party machine control systems. It will help reduce the cost of each metre of material moved.”

komatsu mining dozer
Source: Komatsu.com.au

So Why Is This Intelligent Control Such A Big Deal?

The D375Ai-8 has an integrated navigation satellite control system. This system controls blade elevation and tilt, making work easier and more productive for the operator.

“Because the machine control system is integrated, it eliminates the need for coiled cables between machine and blade. The operator/service technicians don’t have to climb on the machine to remove and replace antennas or masts. And there’s no need for daily connections and recalibrations,” said Hall.

“With these machines, not only can the automatic machine control features be used for final grading, but also for bulk dozing. A capability which is unique to Komatsu intelligent dozers,” he added.

Other Features & Enhancements

Other noteworthy upgrades to this machine include:

  • Fully integrated with Komatsu SMARTCONSTRUCTION technology
  • Fuel-efficient, low-emission engine
  • Increased reversing power
  • Enhanced chassis & track frame
  • Automatic transmission with lockup torque converter
  • Automatic gear shift transmission
  • Better visibility to blade and ripper

Komatsu Mining Dozer D375Ai-8 Specs

Engine Komatsu SAA6D170E-7
Operating Weight 72.9 tonnes
Blade Capacity – Semi U 18.5 m3
Blade Capacity – Full U 22 m3
Rated Engine Power – Forward 455 kW (net)
Rated Engine Power – Reverse 558 kW (net)

Discover Komatsu dozers for sale here or view the original press release.

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