Polar Refrigeration, a trusted brand that is well known in the market for their low priced commercial fridges and freezers, just announced that their new customers can now get to experience improved and more efficient units. According to the manufacturer, after the introduction of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards, all of the components in their refrigeration products have been reviewed and now contain a hydrocarbon refrigerant. Their insulation has also been enhanced.

In addition, Polar likewise noted that most of the products under their portfolio finally got a B or C rating. Four of their under counter models, specifically the CD081/611 freezer and CD080/610 – refrigerator, meanwhile, received an A rating, which is known to be the highest accreditation available. Despite these improvements and changes, though, the brand guaranteed that the low prices of the said units will not be changed.

“Having made significant changes to many of the components in our products and by using some of the most energy efficient technology throughout the range, we are delighted to be able to offer our customers a full spectrum of energy efficient appliances, including four models which proudly boast the highest A rating,” said Richard Ebbs, the head of brands at Uropa, which distributes Polar refrigeration products in the UK. He explained that the enhancements were achieved with the use of ultra-energy-efficient hydrocarbon refrigerants.

“This is a significant achievement for the Polar brand as it now highlights that you don’t need to buy the most expensive brands to get the most energy efficient appliances. This is especially true as, despite the latest modifications, our prices have remained the same,” Mr. Ebbs added.

Polar Refrigeration has been in the commercial catering industry for more than 10 years. Aside from fridges and freezers, they also supply blast chillers, wine coolers, and ice makers to caterers across the globe. All of their products are available from many kitchen equipment dealers, including the renowned Nisbets.


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 CD081/611 freezer and CD080/610 – refrigerator
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