Redstar Equipment has just added three new Atlas Copco lighting towers to their range: the money saving HiLight B5+, H5+ and V5+. The HiLight range of lighting towers are known for their energy and transport efficiency, durability and safety.

Atlas Copco designed the HiLight range of lighting towers to offer a wide choice to match many applications.

“Atlas Copco have really put their innovation stamp on LED technology.” says Richard Crowe, General Manager of Redstar Equipment.

He adds, “Atlas Copco’s HiLight lighting tower range offers flexible light options, robust build quality and a compact size for easy transportation.”

Atlas Copco lighting towers can cover an area of up to 5000m2 with a 20 lux brightness average, reduce ‘lighting waste’ and ensuring a brighter, safer and more productive site.

The HiLight B5+ is suitable for a wide range of applications including music and sporting events, residential construction, road construction, temporary public lighting and oil and gas requirements.

“Transport efficiency is possible with the B5+ with 22 units able to fit on a 13 metre truck,” Says Richard.

The HiLight H5+ is a fuel efficient and compact trailer-mounted lighting tower.

“The H5+ offers best in-class fuel consumption, allowing longer run times between refuelling as well as long service intervals,” says Richard. “Fuel consumption is only 0.5 litres per hour.”

The HiLight V5+ include a HardHat® canopy as standard which ensures maximum protection of internal parts.

“The V5+ is perfect for rental companies that are looking for robust and easy to transport lighting towers to match any site requirements,”

“It is a very fuel efficient machine using only 0.7 litres of fuel per hour.” says Richard.


About Redstar Equipment

Redstar Equipment is a specialist fixed-speed diesel equipment supplier and proud Australian distributor for the world renowned Atlas Copco portable energy products. This includes portable compressors, portable generators, lighting towers and pumps. Redstar Equipment has been supporting many of Australia’s largest civil, construction, government, industrial, mining and rental organisations for almost 20 years.



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