• January 24, 2023
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Reduce Demanding Aluminium Processing Tasks

Reduce Demanding Aluminium Processing Tasks

Presented by JDM Australia

The Hungarian plant of the Müller-Guttenbrunn Group in Budapest demonstrates how nonferrous metals can be processed successfully. On the 30,000m² site, IFE machines take on the important task of efficiently cleaning aluminium scrap.

In cooperation with shredder manufacturer UNTHA, IFE Material Handling supplied a new scrap processing system to recycler Mü-Gu Kft. in Budapest last year. The wholly owned subsidiary of Austrian company Müller-Guttenbrunn GmbH entered the scrap business in 1992.

The new system enables Mü-Gu Kft. to clean aluminium scrap efficiently. Processing other materials such as electronic scrap as well as cleaning shredded plastic fractions are also planned for the near future.

From Coarse to Fine

In the first step, the collected aluminium scrap is shredded by an UNTHA shredder to create a homogeneous grain structure. This enables IFE’s magnetic separators to achieve the best separation results later on.

Screening and Removal of Tramp Iron

The shredded material is then carried on an incline conveyor belt to a vibrating feeder. It distributes the material evenly to the downstream high-intensity magnetic drum separator.

The vibrating feeder is equipped with a blind bottom. If other materials are processed later that require fines to be screened, screen panels can be inserted.



Efficient Separation of Nonferrous Metals

Once the ferromagnetic portion is removed from the stream, the material is transported via another vibrating feeder to the IFE STRATOS eddy current separator. This ensures the reliable separation of non-magnetisable metals.

The eccentric magnet system of the machine used here allows for optimal positioning of the discharge point. The result can thus be adjusted precisely to the individual materials.

Due to the flexible arrangement of the machines at the corresponding height, the finished product fractions fall into boxes. These can then be conveniently emptied by a wheel loader, enabling a throughput of up to 20m³ of aluminium scrap per hour!


IFE machine in function. Source: Supplied.


Versatile Design Variants of IFE Machines

Special LED headlights are mounted on the magnetic separators so that the material stream can be monitored even in poor light conditions.

The magnetic drum separator has a “shield” made of antimagnetic material to switch off the function of the permanent magnet drum if necessary. So, the recovery of a ferromagnetic fraction can be avoided. This is done for materials that have previously undergone magnetic separation. As a result, wear on the magnetic drum is minimized.

A polyurethane cleaning brush ensures that the acceleration belt of the STRATOS eddy current separator maintains operation even in bad weather. Residual material that adheres to the acceleration belt can be easily removed on the underside of the STRATOS.

All machines and aggregates are controlled from a central control container. Furthermore, each machine also features an on-site control panel in order to make individual fine adjustments. Detailed training by an IFE service technician facilitated the start of operations and the handling of the new technical equipment.


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