• February 17, 2023
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Reimagined Welding Platforms Deliver Performance Boost

Reimagined Welding Platforms Deliver Performance Boost

Presented by Welding Industries of Australia

The 2023 range of WIA Stick, MIG and TIG welders along with a new Plasma Cutter incorporate new operating platforms that provide full digital control over the welding process for greater efficiency and precision.

WIA Welders in Australia & New Zealand

The next generation of WIA welders have been introduced to Australia and New Zealand for 2023. Every model has been redesigned from the component level, and feature digital technology for enhanced welding performance thanks to more precise arc waveforms and more stable arc control.

The new platform also allows easier software upgrades to be made in the future. “It’s exciting where we could take these machines,” says WIA Product Manager Aleksandr Koshelyev. “Simple upgrades can be developed and implemented to meet market demands quickly and easily.”

The redeveloped models provide enhanced control over the process enabling more precise settings. Major components like the IGBT modules, bus bars, reactors, capacitors, diodes and insulation have been either reinforced or replaced with more robust versions, increasing the reliability of the range. 

Selected models of WIA’s new welders now feature an LCD interface which enables an intuitive setup process. This new functionality is achieved through the implementation of the new digital platform, giving operators a new way to interact with the machine. For beginners, the pre-set functionality simplifies the machine setup process by interactively guiding them through the necessary steps.

WIA Weldmatic 180
WIA Weldmatic 180. Source: Supplied.

WIA has also added two models—a portable Weldarc 135 stick welder, as well as a Weldmatic 180 multi-process machine with a 10A plug for beginner to intermediate welders. Also new to the line-up is the Weldmatic 200+ multi-process model which incorporates an LCD screen interface that allows easy access to pre-set parameters for quick adjustment. 

The Weldarc 185 Stick / TIG welder has been redesigned with new features to suit light fabrication, repair, maintenance, farming, and building and construction projects. The machine has a higher duty cycle than previous models enabling it to run for a longer period at 185A. This model comes with a voltage reduction device for enhanced safety, as well as ‘Fan on Demand’ which runs in only when the machine reaches its maximum heating point thus reducing noise and the amount of dust that gets into the machine. Additionally, it features digital meters for precise adjustment as well as an IP23S environmental safety rating which is a requirement for some mine sites. 

Unique to the Weldarc 185 is its power factor correction feature which makes it tolerant to unconditioned power when used with generators or on long extension leads. Like all WIA machines, the Weldarc 185 comes with a three-year warranty for the power source and sets the standard for machines in this category. 

WIA Weldarc 200AC/DC
WIA Weldarc 200AC/DC. Source: Supplied.

The Weldarc 200 AC/DC Stick and TIG welder has been enhanced with new features. Designed for repair and maintenance, aluminium boat fabrication and motorsports fabrication, the Weldarc 200 AC/DC offers precise AC TIG welding of aluminium and comes with power factor correction, ‘Fan on Demand’ and an LCD screen. 

WIA’s new Weldmatic multi-process range is supplied with an improved MIG gun featuring a flexible goose neck for better positioning and an upgraded ball cable joint for more flexibility. 

The smaller machines in the range have a built-in wire feeder making them portable. The Weldmatic 180 weighs 11kg and the 200 tips the scale at 17kg, making both models easy to transport. 

For fabrication workshops, WIA offers the 3 Phase Weldmatic 350 and 500 multi-process machines and 356, 395 and Fabricator MIG welders. All come with a separate wire feeder for flexibility and manoeuvrability.

Both Weldmatic 200+ and 250 incorporate an LCD screen and offer pre-set parameter adjustment. These machines along with the Weldmatic 180, 200, 350, 500, 395 and Fabricator are suitable for both the workshop and outdoor applications and can take gas shielded and gasless wires.

WIA welder in use
WIA welder in use. Source: Supplied.

The redesigned Cutmatic 45 has an improved duty cycle, power factor correction and an upgraded air filter. The machine is suitable for precise cutting required for fabrication, on-site maintenance and automotive repair. The cutter features water and oil removal filters to increase consumable life and its 11kg weight makes it portable.

WIA also prides itself in being able to support its products for a very long time in an environment where some suppliers discontinue this after a year. “We still supply spare parts to many of our models which were discontinued more than 10 years ago,” says Koshelyev. 

“When it comes to commercial welding machines, this new WIA range is very comprehensive with each machine built to meet the specific requirements of welders,” says Koshelyev. The WIA brands have been operating successfully in Australasia for more than 60 years.

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