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Review: 2013 Apollo 854 Tractor 4WD

Review: 2013 Apollo 854 Tractor 4WD

4WD tractors are built to handle the most difficult conditions that a farm can present. In Australia, the conditions can get pretty dire, with long spells of drought to torrential rain causing treacherous surfaces for farm vehicles. It’s during these conditions that the ruggedness of 4WD tractors prevails. 

Apollo 854: The Introduction

Tractors have evolved through scrupulous experimentation and adaption to developing technologies. The result is a utility machine that has the power and prowess to handle the constantly shifting environment of agricultural fields. Something that goes widely unacknowledged is how integral Australia has been in the development of tractors, with one man in particular paving the way for the incorporation of tractors within the farm industry.

A mechanic by the name of Bob Chamberlain, who was based in Victoria, designed a tractor and eventually built a prototype that focused on the features that would directly benefit Australian farmers. This prototype formed the basis of the contemporary tractor, and models such as the Apollo 854 take influence from Bob’s innovation some 80-years on, with an emphasis on handling the specific conditions faced by Australian farmers. Apollo is a reasonably young tractor brand within Australia and while other brands offer a long founded history within our country, the Apollo has its own selling points.

Apollo 854: Key Features

Economical yet effective

The Apollo 854 is relatively cost-efficient when compared to the alternative high-end and high horsepower tractors that are out on the market. The tractors are managed by the Changfa Corporation, which are one of the biggest diesel engine producers in the world and have a reputation as being one of the highest quality Chinese brands shipping to Australia. While not as cheap as other Chinese brands, the Apollo offers a level of quality lauded by tractor owners nationwide.


The Apollo team put a premium on balance and stability when they designed the 854 tractor. With the addition of huge rear wheel counterweights to cover FEL balancing and wider wheels for bonus stability, the tractor is able to safely cover uneven ground. The Apollo also offers an easy detach function, making bucket switching easier with the quick release utility, and ultimately allowing the machine to perform a wider range of tasks with the application of available tractor attachments.

Strict quality control protocols

Before hitting the market, Apollo 854s undergo state-of-the-art testing procedures so that each machine is able to operate at a high quality and constantly deliver optimum performance. These screening procedures assure that you’re getting something that is worth your time, money, and effort, not something that will fall apart after a months use.

Solid cast-iron chassis

The chassis of Apollo tractors are built from solid cast-iron, which translates to a heightened reliability, maneuverability, and superior power to the ground.

Power steering bucket 

Anyone with experience in operating a tractor will know the difference power steering can make to the safety and control of a tractor, especially when the bucket is loaded. The power steering technology makes this tractor both a great entry model and a machine for experienced operators, with the technology allowing for stable and low effort controls, regardless of surface conditions.

Excellent customer care

Apollo tractors are manufactured in China and are imported by SOTA Tractors. These Eastern machines are fully supported in the Land Down Under, meaning any labour, parts, travel time, or freight issues will be dealt with by SOTA, saving you the hassle of dealing with unavailable suppliers. The company is backed by years of excellent customer service and offers full support to anyone with an Apollo tractor in their possession.

Apollo 854: Price

New: $31,950.00 – $33,950.00

Apollo 854: Videos

Apollo 854: The Verdict

The Apollo 854 compliments the early designs put forward by Bob Chamberlain, and continues to develop his pioneering prototype with features that befit tough Australian conditions. With an appealing price tag that ranges from $10,000.00-$15,000.00 less than similar tractors on the market, the Apollo 854 must sacrifice a degree of cab comfort and machine horsepower to achieve profitability, ultimately affecting the Apollo’s ability to manage high power or long duration tasks. The Apollo 854 offers value for buck and cuts costs for luxuries or abilities that many simple farm tasks won’t require, making it the perfect option for basic agricultural needs and an elegant blend of quality and cost.

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