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Review: 2014 Kubota SVL90-2 Track Loader

Review: 2014 Kubota SVL90-2 Track Loader

Bigger is better, right? Sure! Unless you’re a startup or a small business looking to expand your range. When cash and space are at a premium, compact machinery really comes into its own. Kubota’s offering in the compact track loader category is limited but persistent. The SVL90-2 represents the golden middle ground between mobility and power. The sweet spot between cost and comfort.

2014 Kubota SVL90-2: The Introduction

There’s an interesting tug of war going on between Konecranes and Zoomlion over the acquisition of one of the world-leading power equipment manufacturers in the earthmoving industry; so intriguing that even the US government have entered the talks regarding the fate of the Terex brand. But while all of that is happening, the rest of the manufacturers in the construction and agricultural industry continue to out-duel each other to get a better grip on their own market. That includes Kubota and it’s limited but enduring track loader line where the subject for today’s review hails from the 2014 Kubota SVL90-2 Track Loader.

2014 Kubota SVL90-2: Key Features

Operator comfort

The ergonomically designed cabin delivers all you need for a smooth and comfortable ride with its wide cab entrance, well-placed and designed control system, and deluxe suspension seat. The noise and vibration is noticeably minimal as well during our trial with the SVL-90, which is never a bad thing. In addition, the cab is surprisingly quite spacious despite the compact design of Kubota’s  92HP track loader.

Durable and versatile

The machine features a welded and integrated mainframe and undercarriage that are engineered to provide maximum durability for the skid steer loader. The elaborate design helps the equipment adapt to some of the country’s roughest terrains and toughest working conditions. In addition, the triple flange track roller design improves machine stability and minimises the risk of detracking, which makes operation more calculated and safe within the SVL-90.

High performance

The SVL-90 has been designed to manage a wide variety of light to medium tasks with relative ease and efficiency. And that’s basically what we loved during our run with the compact equipment. The Kubota track loader offers a solid lifting capacity at 2662 kg and a tipping load of 3900 kg which is very much capable of handling standard operations in most workplaces. to add to that, a versatile and unique vertical lift delivers exceptionally long reach of 1035mm.

Great mobility and operational flexibility

If you can get away with it, smaller equipment really delivers a number of upsides that are just too hard to pass up, especially for smaller businesses. In addition to its superior capability on the field, the machine also moves quite well thanks to its good traction force (5524 kg), which provides more grip than previous compact units from Kubota.

2014 Kubota SVL90-2: Price

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2014 Kubota SVL90-2: Videos

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LT5GDjgeuk]

2014 Kubota SVL90-2: The Verdict

The 2014 Kubota SVL90-2 Track Loader provides the operator a powerful and practical choice to expand their line of power equipment and existing services. The machine offers a lot of possible cost-saving benefits as well, such as reducing fuel consumption and offering more operational flexibility. Furthermore, the SVL90-2 features an easy to maintain build which allows daily inspection checks by simply opening the rear bonnet, where the serviceable components are centralised for operator convenience. Summing up, the Kubota SVL90-2 is a good unit to consider for upstarts and expanding businesses who want a machine that would deliver bang for your business buck.

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