The Argison Ultra G3 tractor is another bold step for man in production productivity and procedures. This 2015 model makes the tasks of tilling, planting and plowing more easier and more efficient than ever before.

Agrison Ultra G3: Key features

Armed to trump agricultural land

Argison’s Ultra G3 tractor is armed with a powerful 60 horsepower engine, on-demand four-wheel drive turbo engine, front end loader, power steering, shuttle shift, state of the art shock absorbers, agricultural tyres, and other components that can help you finish your farming and agricultural tasks in no time at all. With this, it might only be a matter of time before you can get an ROI.

Comfortable Cabin

Argison Ultra G3 Tractor

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Comfort, like suspensions, bucket capacity or power steering is an integral selling point for buyers and the team at Agrison know this. The Ultra G3 includes a Euro Ultra Cabin that is specifically engineered to deliver nothing less than the utmost comfort for operators and also reduces noise levels. With this, you can achieve a comfortable working environment that can play a key role in improved production and worker happiness.

Durable and strong front end loader

The front loader is an important component of the Agrison Ultra G3. The loader of this model is well-equipped to handle countless heavy tasks in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Argison Ultra G3 Tractor

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Five year extended warranty

Unlike other tractors that come with three-year warranties, the Ultra G3 comes with a five years nationwide warranty. This added peace of mind will keep you operating knowing that if anything break-down with your Argison, you’ll be back up and running with little downtime.

Agrison Ultra G3: Price

New: $27,264.00 AUD

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Agrison Ultra G3: The verdict

The team at Agrison did not disappoint when they unveiled their 60HP Ultra G3 Tractor.

Its combination ergonomic cabin, durable loader design and customer peace of mind are only a few of the features that make this a solid piece of machinery for any operator. While this model is not at the top of the market, it definitely has the features of any classic Aussie battler and has the potential to give any John Deer or Kubota a run for their money.


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