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Review: 2015 Mahindra 4025 Tractor Series

Review: 2015 Mahindra 4025 Tractor Series

Mahindra 4025: The Introduction

It’s been a while since I personally published a review about tractors, though, my colleagues surely did a stellar job in featuring some of the best equipment from last year. Anyway, over the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of interesting new lines and fresh concepts, which prompted me to end this mini-hiatus of mine regarding tractors. So while most of the innovations I’ve seen are still in the works, the rest of the pack are likely scheduled for a release or this year. That’s certainly a buzz, especially if you belong to the agricultural and landscaping industry. In any case, the latest edition of our farm equipment review will be showcasing one of the most recent offerings from one the more trusted and reliable tractor manufacturer in the market. Right now, we’ll start to dig deeper into the pros and cons of the 2015 Mahindra 4025 Tractor Series.

Mahindra 4025: Key Features

Powerful engine

The new Mahindra comes with a pretty steady and powerful a 2.7 litre (167 cu in) engine which produces up to 41 horsepower at 2,300 rotations per minute. In addition, the nifty engine can reach up to 31 PTO (power take-off horsepower), which just a little less than 61% than its closest rival. Not to worry though, since the 2.7 litre Mahindra engine’s 41 horsepower puts it right in the mix of today’s most trusted brands in the market.

Comfortable cabin

In line with today’s market standards regarding convenience and efficiency, Mahindra did an awesome job in spacing the cabin and setting up the controls inside the 2015 Mahindra 4025. The chair alone is made of quality material, with some handy complementary features such as a foldable ROPS, instrumental panel, 360 view, seat-belt and smart joystick control. These components, of course, brings the optimum service and operational comfort for the 4025’s operator.

Great seed

We would all like to get through our day-jobs as quickly as possible, and when it comes to tractors, the most notable catalyst for this would be the engine and the transmission of the product. For the Mahindra 4025, this is nicely exemplified by the tractor’s powerful engine which also powers the equipment up to 17.6 mph, which above the standards for most compact machinery.

Durable build

The Mahindra 4025 is built to last, otherwise, the buyer gets a 5-year limited warranty upon purchase. Aside from that, the serviceable parts of the machine are also made accessible for faster maintenance and scheduled checkups. Furthermore, the key components are made with quality material and steel to ensure that the tractors remain reliable for the long run.

Attachment compatibility

The 4025 has been designed to provide the flexibility that is much needed and admired regarding the latest tractor models. The equipment is readily capable of taking some of the most used and most functional attachments in the market through Mahindra’s trusted dealers.

Mahindra 4025: Price

New: POA

Mahindra 4025: Videos

Mahindra 4025: The Verdict

Overall, the 2015 Mahindra 4025 Tractor showed a great balance between performance and durability. And those great results should be credited back to the manufacturers for ensuring that the 4025 can live up to the rough tasks in the field and even outdo most of its competitors with relatively the same build or price. The design looks simple and is clearly a nod to the classic tractor design from the past, however, the machine really shows its prowess when it’s out there and being put to the test. Something worth noting, though, is that the tractor actually comes a bit heavy than some of its peers. It’s not necessarily a knock against it, but if you’ll be spending a lot of time on loose ground, a lighter model is something you might want to consider as well. Summing up, even if the 4025 has been released during the previous calendar year, it still looks very much promising and practical than some tractors in the market, it’s a pretty reliable choice with a bunch of decent upsides.

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