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Review: 2015 Yanmar ViO17 Mini Excavator

Review: 2015 Yanmar ViO17 Mini Excavator

Yanmar ViO17: The Introduction

In the 21st century, constructing houses, buildings, and other structures isn’t a “herculean” tasks anymore because of the proliferation of heavy equipment such as excavators. These pieces of machinery are simply heaven-sent since they are very functional and comply with international standards. Because of these, construction activities that were once burdensome and took weeks to finish are now finished in days. And these innovative equipment are here to stay and will continue to do wonders in the construction field. On the other hand, it should be noted that they are not created equal; in fact, word has it that some compact ones can trump their bigger and more outfitted counterparts. Now, upon reading this, you’re probably a bit dazed and confused like me and you’re wondering if this is true or not. To clarify this, let’s take a quick, but detailed look on a compact (mini) excavator in the mould of a Yanmar ViO17.

Yanmar ViO17: Key Features

Innovative Variable Undercarriage

The ViO17 and other Yanmar heavy equipment allow easy access to confined and narrow places that cannot be accessed by normal-sized excavators; to add, it also encourages work stability in the process. Furthermore, the distance that separates the undercarriages is calculated to ensure that mud is properly discharged in the sliding pipes. In turn, this pretty much encourages highly effective as well as efficient function regardless of work conditions.

Large cabin for unrestricted operation

The large cabin is essential when it comes to reducing fatigue and stress. Also, it provides unrestricted and easy operating space even in instances where performing tail swings are impossible. As small as it may look, it should be noted that working long hours is easy and hassle-free with this equipment.

Safety lever mechanism 

Aside from a large cabin, the ViO17 mini excavator comes with safety levers that prevent excavating, running, and turning movements. They also prevent the engine from starting; thus, making sure that abrupt movements that may lead to malfunction won’t take place.

Indisputable durability

Aside from being made of the finest and the most durable materials, the ViO17 comes with resilient cylinder guards that can utmost protection to shocks and unnecessary tension that can be encountered along the way. Also, the frames are bolstered by high-grade steel to give protection against work-related damages.

Superb lifting capacity

Aside from having an ISO approved boom and bucket, the mentioned equipment also comes with a ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure), Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) and rubber crawlers that can be essential when it comes to boosting lifting capacity.

Maintenance efficiency

Regular maintenance is a must if you want to make the most of your investment and make sure that it can be used to its full potential. This is because daily inspection and maintenance tasks that involve hydraulic equipment, fuel tank radiator, cell motor, and generator can be done with utmost ease and precision.

Yanmar ViO17: Price

New: $37,224 AUD

Yanmar ViO17: Videos

Yanmar ViO17: The Verdict

After a detailed review of the Yanmar ViO17, we can say that the mentioned mini excavator is a respectable piece of equipment that is essential if you want to simplify construction tasks that usually take long hours (or even days) to finish. On the other hand, it is quite obvious that the claim that it is better than its bigger and more equipped counterparts is a bit overstretched. This is because, while it can perform many things that the latter can perform, it may not be able to fulfill it as effective and efficient than the bigger excavators that are out on the market. Also, one thing we’ve noticed about the Yanmar ViO17 is the fact that yes, it comes with a ROPS and FOPS cabin, but we feel that this should be improved and fiberglass windows should be added for extra protection. All in all, though, it is a great investment that comes with endless gains.

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