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Review: 2016 Cromtech Outback CTG2500I

Review: 2016 Cromtech Outback CTG2500I

Thanks to portable generators you can now charge your iPhone in even the farthest reaches of Australian isolation. Fortunately, the little power hubs have more practicality than just that.

Cromtech Outback CTG2500I: The introduction

What good would Australia’s untouched verdure, swampland, and deserts be without camping? There couldn’t be any place better to pitch a tent and spend some time away from the light pollution of incandescent city skies than the Ozzy outback (unless of course, you wind up at Wolf Creek). But while isolation and separation are features of camping, most of us will have trouble letting go of technology altogether.

The naturalists might not understand this, but Crommelins does. Having been in the industry for more than 50 years, the company continually refines their generators in both size and petrol efficiency. The Cromtech Outback CTG2500I is the company’s popular compact generator, capable of powering motorhomes, campsites, and anything in between.

Cromtech Outback CTG2500I: Key features


The combination of strength and compactness makes this portable generator a utility for any purpose. The Outback can run a campsite for hours with ease, switching between low and high power functions to optimise its longevity. Cromtech’s CTG2500I also has the power to run bigger gigs like caravan air-conditioning, power tools on remote work sites, outdoor music and light parties as well as providing a reliable backup source for homes and offices.


This portable generator uses a 4-stroke petrol engine with forced cooling and can reach a maximum output of 2,400W (2.4kVA). The 5L engine works with a brushless alternator and a pure sine wave voltage regulator to outperform the other generators in its class. The general engine specs and fuel tank capacity should mean you can run equipment uninterrupted for up to to 20 hours (depending on the load), with customers making comments that the Outback had no problem powering motorhome heating and appliances for 10 hour periods. The Outback also uses its eco mode to increase its utility when the power burden is not too heavy.

Standard features

The Outback has a recoil start system and a direct gravity fuel supply meaning you won’t be the ripping cord into the night trying to get the generator to start. For output applications, the Outback carries two single phase 15Amp outlets, a 5V 2Amp USB charging port, and a 12V 8Amp battery charger. The generator also has an IQ system that will alert you when the oil is low or when there’s an overload.

The appeal of the generator to most will likely come from its lightness and portability. Coming in at only 20kgs, the Outback is punching above its weight. It is twice as compact (50cmx50cm) and half as heavy as competing generators with the same output ability.

Cromtech Outback CTG2500I: Price

New: $895 AUD Macfarlane Generators (sold on machines4u).

Cromtech Outback CTG2500I: Videos

Cromtech Outback CTG2500I: The verdict

The Cromtech Outback CTG2500I portable generator will make any vagabond’s life a whole lot easier. The size and efficiency of the generator will make it perfect for trips into the Australian outdoors. And whether you’re sleeping beneath a canvas roof or parking roadside Uluru, the Outback can keep you connected.

This compact generator will valiantly serve as your final tether to technology, making sure you can always take emergency calls and access lights. Its power and price will also make it a tradesman’s buddy on remote sites, or even a backup source for domestic blackouts (I’m looking at you, Adelaide). The versatility and value of the Outback make it one of the best compact generators on the market. And for anyone looking for an excuse to go camping, this might be it.


Review: 2016 Cromtech Outback CTG2500I
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Review: 2016 Cromtech Outback CTG2500I
The Cromtech Outback CTG2500I is a compact generator for campers and motorhomes. The cheap little powerhouse is so efficient in size and energy that it's become a good fit for any industry.
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