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Review: 2016 Kubota BX1870 Tractor

Review: 2016 Kubota BX1870 Tractor

Kubota BX1870: The Overview

Every tractor brand has its own, unique identity, reflected in the models they create. If the BX1870 is anything to go by, Kubota is the Jessica Rabbit of tractors: sexy, sheathed in red and hard to say no to.

But it’s not all about appearances. Kubota is Australia’s top sub-compact tractor brand and their company motto is to create “powerful, versatile, comfortable and reliable” machines.

See how Kubota compare to John Deere tractors.

Kubota BX1870: Key Features

Compact Body

The dimensions of the BX1870 make it easy to maneuver and work with. While it may be small, it has the solid build and comfortable operator’s platform of a much larger machine.

Performance-matched Kubota Diesel Engines

For a compact unit, the BX1870 has a powerful 18 23 horsepower engine, more than you’d expect in this tractor size. The diesel engine is Kubota-built, offering greater torque and lower fuel consumption than a petrol engine. It also handles load effectively, not stalling even when pushed to its limits.

Large Fuel Tank

Not only will your BX1870 use less fuel, it has a large, 25 litre tank. So you’ll spend far less time having to stop and refuel. The boost this gives to your productivity can mean the difference between finishing a job in a good mood or being thoroughly frustrated from one too many unwanted interruptions.

Bright Halogen Headlights

The BX1870 is integrated with Halogen headlights, providing clear and bright illumination, making it fantastic for night work.


As with most machines in this class, the BX1870 is a four-wheel-drive tractor. This is an absolute must for front loader work and use of other attachments and implements.

Ground Clearance

With a ground clearance of 9 inches, the chassis stays nicely clear of rocks and other obstacles that could dent or damage it.

Reverse Air Flow

The reverse air flow is a standout feature of the BX1870. Most tractors of this size house the radiator in the middle to protect it from heat and physical damage. This adds a level of discomfort, especially on hot days. Recognising this issue, Kubota has reversed the airflow on the BX1870. A nice touch they added purely for the comfort of the operator.

Hydraulic Power Steering

It may be standard on most compact tractors but Kubota’s hydraulic power steering makes maneuvering comfortable and easy.

Versatile Category 1 3-point Hitch

The hydraulically controlled hitch allows you to easily attach and operate a range of implements.

Metal Hood / Fenders

The fenders and metal hood are strong and durable enough to resist dents. So it’ll stay in mint, Jessica Rabbit condition just that little bit longer.

Spacious Operator Area

Kubota has put a lot of effort into comfort with this machine. They’ve made a range of improvements to the operator’s area:

  • Fully-flat Floor & Large Legroom
  • New Left-side Brake Pedal
  • Hand Rail
  • Cup Holder
  • 12V DC Outlet
  • Deluxe Lever Guide
  • Tool Box (Optional)

Easy to Read Meter Panel

The control panel (CP) of the tractor has also undergone a makeover. The meter panel has been beautifully organised with the tachometer on the left and fuel and temperature gauges on the right, in the form of an LCD display. Vital indicators – like the battery, headlights, turn signal and low fuel – are smack bang in the middle, where you need them.

Kubota BX1870: Videos

Kubota BX1870: Review Conclusion

It’s not surprising the Kubota BX1870 is considered one of the best tractors in its class. As you can probably tell from the key features I’ve outlined here, what I love most about this tractor is Kubota’s operator-centric ethos. A company that’s focused on making the operator’s job easy, logical and comfortable definitely gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

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