2016 MDB Green Climber: The introduction

Polyculture farming has become a fad in Australia and many parts of the world and because of this, more and more people are investing in it in an effort to earn a substantial amount of cash without investing in a huge piece of land. Compared to other farming methods, this one doesn’t need a huge space since three crops can be planted together without compromising their nutritional values. Because of the advantages that it brings, it has become some sort of a fad nowadays. If you want to be a part of it, then don’t do it in a heartbeat since you have to make sure that all bases are covered first. For one, you need to have access to the necessary equipment, which in this case can be a mower from Sunset Equipment, but don’t just go for any other mower. You want to stand out, don’t you? If this is the case then you should go for an MDB Green Climber Remote controlled Mower.

2016 MDB Green Climber: Key features 

Cutting edge technology

At first look, the MDB Green Climber is like a little something that came straight from a sci-fi flick. It’s safe to say that you haven’t seen anything like it. The remote system that it uses makes farming jobs easy and efficient since it allows the said equipment to move freely in appropriate speeds and with utmost precision; without going to the areas that need work. Also, it’s important to note that it’s packed with a revolutionary direction correctional system, which pretty much manages machine’s normal inclination towards the descent. Putting these factors into consideration, farming tasks can be a breeze with the MDB Green Climber. Furthermore, with its state-of-the-art features, you can achieve tasks 10 times faster than conventional means.

Synonymous with safety 

If safety is your concern, then you’ve found a fitting partner in the MDB Green Climber because it’s specifically designed to reach highways, roadways, and other areas that are particularly dangerous or inconvenient for the operator. With this, you don’t have to worry about safety because the Green Climber got you covered!

Self-cleaning feature

Let’s face it. Cleaning an equipment is a dreaded task that many of us don’t want engage in. Well, the good news is the MDB guys already fixed this, well sort of. They attached a self-cleaning fan to the radiator to make sure that it remains efficient, clean, and well-able to trump farming tasks, no matter how difficult they maybe. With this, you can also rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth because your equipment is well-maintained and remains operable for years to come.

Extendable undercarriage tracks

Cleaning uphill and downhill areas is a breeze with the MDB Green Climber thanks to its extendable undercarriage tracks that add grip. With this, you can achieve more with less since you don’t have to obtain additional equipment for uphill and downhill mowing tasks.

2016 MDB Green Climber: Price 

2016 MDB Green Climber: Price 

New: $72,260.00 AUD

2016 MDB Green Climber: The verdict 

The MDB Green Climber is a cutting edge piece of equipment which is specifically designed to clean a specific area and prepare it for farming, which in this case is polyculture farming. On top of the abovementioned features, it’s lightweight and durable, which can play a key role in finishing tasks in a jiffy. However, when we tried it, we noticed that the controls were not as responsive as we expected—we expect that there will be changes on the succeeding models. All in all, though, you can say that this piece of machinery is a good buy that can help you finish countless farming tasks in a jiffy and without compromising quality.

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