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Review: 2016 Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader

Review: 2016 Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader

Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader: The Overview

Running a farm or industrial business? Then chances are you have already worked with wheeled loaders, and know exactly how essential they are when it comes to completing a multitude of difficult tasks. Powerful enough to move or load rocks, logs, soil and other materials, they are one of the most used machines in mid-to-large sized properties.

Wheeled loaders are actually available in several varieties. And if you’re looking for the perfect range to include in your business, I’m here to help with in-depth reviews of the models I use and recommend. Let’s begin by talking about the VL200E from the manufacturer, Victory.

Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader: Key Features

Superb power and high load capacity

Though Victory designed their VL200E with simplicity in mind, the machine still delivers unmatched, all-around performance in a range of different farming applications. The model boasts a 5500kg operating weight and mammoth, 2000kg load capacity. Dirt, feed, logs, and rocks are nothing to the VL200E, meaning you can load it up and get jobs done quicker.

Technically, it is powered by a strong, turbo-diesel motor that can deliver up to 86 horsepower. With a 2-speed powershift transmission, it is suitable not just for industrial businesses, but for construction, landscaping, snow, and agriculture sectors as well.

Guaranteed versatility

Just like most of the wheeled loaders in the Victory range, the VL200E is made to be versatile. Its range of attachments (which come standard with the machine) allows it to adapt to different applications. The unit can be equipped with a pallet fork, enabling you to turn your loader into a forklift truck for greater material handling. It offers a 4-in-1 bucket, ideal for all sorts of construction and farming jobs including scraping, dirt dozing, and material spreading. The VL200E also comes with a spare wheel for prolonged operation and enhanced productivity.

Apart from its standard arsenal of attachments, the VL200E is somewhat limited in the range of couplers and accessories it can be armed with. And, unlike its counterparts and competitors, the VL200E only brings a simple dash. While the controls are nicely placed and the simplicity makes for a low-effort operating experience, some users might prefer the state-of-the-art operating systems available in other models. Nevertheless, this Victory machine still delivers solid, all-around performance and can keep your operators working safely and comfortable all day long.

Ergonomically-designed operator cabin

Comfort is a big factor when investing in a new machine. And Victory certainly has you covered on this front. One of my favourite features of the VL200E is the class-leading cabin that provides supreme comfort and safety. The cab itself is engineered to overcome the tough Australian weather conditions and features electrostatic paint that prevents corrosion and other types of damage.

I was also impressed by how easy it is to enter and exit the cab. This is made possible by the ergonomically placed grab handles, wide steps, and the large, flat platform. The interior of this wheeled loader is pure eye-candy as well. It’s huge and accommodating, incorporates a nice air conditioning system and a reverse camera for additional safety. It is fitted with a hydraulic quick hitch, too, and an electronic fuel gauge for ease of operation.

Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader: Videos

Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader: Review Conclusion

The Victory VL200E is said to be one of the best selling wheeled loader models here in Australia. This does not surprise me at all given the equipment is packed with great features and specifications, making it the perfect tool for your applications. I often find myself recommending this machine to my farm enthusiast friends since it comes at a fair price, too.

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2016 Victory VL200E Wheeled Loader

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