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Review: Colchester Master 2500 Metal Lathe

Review: Colchester Master 2500 Metal Lathe

Colchester Master 2500: The Introduction

The metal lathe is an essential equipment if you’re a business owner who deals with metal fabrication and other similar ventures. If you’re looking for one it’s important to point out that the process can be very intimidating, especially if it’s your first time to invest in such equipment. What should you do? You ask. Well, don’t push the panic button just yet because there are so many things that you can do to make sure that you’ll get the right machinery that can suit your needs, preference, and budget. With this in mind you need to take a quick but detailed look at the Colchester Master 2500, a little something that has gained the nod of many professional metal fabricators out there. Before anything else, let’s see if the hype is real or reel.

Colchester Master 2500: Key Features

Stronger and more refined motor 

Compared to its predecessor, the Colchester Master 1800, the Master 2500 version is packed with a stronger and more refined motor (5 horsepower) that can help you finish your task faster, cleaner, and easier.

Superb lubrication

Colchester made sure that the Master 2500 is well lubricated to perform more difficult work. It comes with an impeller-type pump, which is mounted on on the oil tank and then placed inside the headstock-end plinth. With ample lubrication, the machine can be free from strains that may accumulate because of excessive friction.

Armed with a  flow-indicator

The headstock comes with a flow-indicator that allows you to ensure that oil reaches the necessary components with utmost efficiency. Many metal lathes that are out on the market are not armed by this accessory and only come with spring-applied brakes that are activated each time the apron is returned to normal.

Outstanding customer service

As a metal lathe owner, customer service is a little something that you’ll find handy and Colchester is known for being outstanding when it comes to this aspect. Its personnel are more than willing to recommend components, make replacement arrangements, answer to your queries, etc in a professional and friendly manner.

Equipped to handle big jobs

The Colchester Master 2500 is equipped with the unique capacity to handle big jobs because of its hardened scrolls and ductile iron chucks. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about breakage that may result from excessive workload.

A tradition of excellence

Established since 1897; Colchester is known for its long history of professionalism. It also happens to be the biggest and most respected turning machine builder company in all of Europe. This means that you’re getting an investment that has trumped the test of time, the innovation of their competitors, and so much more.

Colchester Master 2500: Videos

Colchester Master 2500: The Verdict

Being in the business for more than 100 years, it is hard to say Colchester’s success in the turning machine industry is a product of hype. You can say that its products, particularly its Master 2500 is just ahead of its class when it comes to excellence, precision, and everything in between. With this, it is safe to say that it is the hands-down leader in its field. So if you’re looking for a metal lathe that will perfectly complement your needs and preference, then the Master 2500 is just the thing for you. If you notice, I did not mention that it will complement your budget; that’s because going for this one may prompt you to shell out a huge amount in the process. Rest assured though that you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Also, bear in mind that nobody said quality comes cheap.

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