Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200: The Overview

In the Bronze Age, Egyptians used their own set of tools to fuse gold boxes and other precious metals; in the Middle Ages, blacksmiths adjoined metals with the use of specialised hammers; in the 19th century an English chemistry professor discovered acetylene and soon enough welding was officially introduced.

Fast forward to the 21st century and such technology has reached great heights. Welding machines are more compact, portable, and sophisticated. With countless industrial applications, welding has boomed in popularity of late. With this in mind, our team decided to review one of our favourite welding machines: the Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200.

Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200: Key Features

Cutting edge automatic and manual mode

With the MinarcMig Evo 200, you can choose automatic mode to achieve accurate welding quality and arc ignition. This is achieved with a little help from Kemppi’s adaptive arc regulation system. You can also choose the manual mode and get the luxury of using separate controls for wire feed speed and voltage.

Ultimate energy economy

With a power factor of 0.99 and state-of-the-art power source technology, the MinarcMig EVO 200 is one of the most energy-efficient single phase MIG welders on the market. Over time, this will save you a significant amount of cash, meaning you’ll have more to invest in other machinery (or your beer or holiday fund).

Large graphic display

Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 graphic display

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When doing welding tasks, its easy to be confused with power set-up, precision setting, and other features. The MinarcMig EVO 200, blitzes this issue with its large graphic display. Featuring a wide array of functions, including pre and post gas time control, remote control options and slope current time controls, this display is a game-changer.

Premium results on demand

With its compact size and superb welding capacity, you can expect premium results, whatever (and wherever) the task may be. Its welding power comes with duty cycles of close to 40%, meaning the MinarMig EVO 200 won’t ever let you down.

Ergonomic welding gun

The MinarcMig Evo 200’s welding gun is already connected to its power source, which makes it easier to use. The gun neck is connected with a standard, clockwise screw thread and can be easily rotated 360°, allowing you to cruise through even those that require varying welding positions.

Two-year warranty

The MinarcMig Evo 200 has been designed to withstand the test of time and wear and tear damage. Backing up their claim of using only the finest materials to construct their machine, is a two-year warranty. This gives you peace of mind that you’re getting value for your money.

Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200: Videos

Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200: Review Conclusion

The Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 is an impressive single phase mig welder that definitely gets our vote. It’s reliable, useful, durable, and everything in between. It has everything you need to perform simple right through to complicated welding tasks.

The two-year warranty gives it an edge on the competition because it shows Kemppi is prepared to back their promises. So, if you’re on the market for a single phase mig welder that gives value for buck, we reckon the Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 is just the machine for you.

Review: Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 Single Phase Mig Welders
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Review: Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 Single Phase Mig Welders
Reliable, useful, durable, the Kemppi MinarcMig EVO 200 is an impressive single phase mig welder that definitely gets our vote.
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