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Review: Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer

Review: Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer

Kubota SSV65: The introduction

Skid Steers are some of the most common heavy duty equipment across the globe and they have been used in the farming sector since the 1950s. Because of their wide array of uses, they have found their way in the forestry, landscaping, and construction sector. With this, industry experts believe that skid steer sales will continue to rise in the coming years. If you’re contemplating of purchasing one, bear in mind that they are not created equal. This is important if you’re looking to invest in your own farming business. Because the wrong ones may falter when put into action. Therefore, you should consider one of the best out on the market: the Kubota SSV65.

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Kubota SSV65: Key features

Superb engineering 

Aside from its state-of-the-art components, the Kubota SSV65 is able to achieve a sense of versatility due to its well-planned dimensions. Its vertical lift geometry, for instance, paves the way for maximum lifting, while its hinge pin location allows maximum clearance. On top of all these, the position of the auxiliary lines improves loader arm protection. That’s superb engineering for you.

Wider cab

Imagine working in your farm for extended hours in a skid steer with a crumpled cab. I know what you’re thinking, it’s not only annoying, it can also compromise the quality of your work due to the onset of fatigue. Well, this won’t be a problem with the Kubota SSV65 because its side screens–at 36 inches–are the widest in the industry. Plus, the cab is roomy and comes with ergonomically designed foot pedal location, reducing fatigue on your feet. It also has an easy effort sliding front door that boosts visibility and doesn’t interfere with loader arm movements. In addition to all these, it is armed with optimised air conditioning system that delivers outstanding heating and cooling all year round.

Adaptable attachments

Being able to adapt can help you go a long way when doing landscaping, or construction industry tasks. This allows you to finish them in the most effective and efficient way possible. This is possible thanks to the availability of countless attachments. The long list includes pallet forks, cutting teeth or edges, bale spears, power rakes, snow blades, and so on. So, if you want to achieve more with less, then the Kubota SSV65 is a worthy choice.

Accessible components

Performing regular maintenance is a must if you want to make the most of your investment. With this, you can be sure that it can last for a long time and use its fine features to the fullest. The good news is you can perform regular maintenance minus the fuss. Its rear doors can be fully opened and this allows you to reach the necessary components in a jiffy. Therefore, you can clean and tweak the battery, the filters, and fluid drains, among other things.

Kubota SSV65: Price


Kubota SSV65: Videos

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Kubota SSV65: The verdict

When Kubota launched this particular model, they made sure that it could stand out. And it is safe to say that they were able to succeed in this aspect. Its horsepower is ideal, visibility (even at the rear) is very good, and cab space is great. Plus, its front entry door slides up and stores overhead, instead of hinging on the side. This makes it easier to open and adds a sense of safety. So if you want an equipment that covers your needs, preference, and welfare, the Kubota SSV65 is a good option.

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