Rhino 4.0 Ton Aluminum Loading Ramp: The Introduction

Loading ramps are just one of the construction products that we often overlook. But did you know that for operators and contractors, these pieces of equipment are as much as important as any other machinery, such as skid steer, compactors, and rollers? And that’s because, without these ramps, you won’t be able to easily transport your earthmoving machines to different job sites. These units, indeed, are the ultimate solution when loading your wheeled equipment into a truck or a high trailer.

Now, in case you’re on the market searching for a heavy-duty loading ramp to purchase, I know a couple of brands that you can look into. One is the Rhino. This Australia-based manufacturer is well known for their reliable and durable products. They actually have several ramp models under their belt, but perhaps the most favored are their 4.0-ton aluminum variant. Let me get into its features and advantages below to help you determine if it’s a smart pick or not.

Rhino 4.0 Ton Aluminum Loading Ramp: Key Features


Similar to other loading ramps in Rhino’s range, the 4.0-ton aluminum model is built with the end user in mind. To be exact, it is designed and manufactured here in Australia, therefore, ensuring you that it conforms with the latest standards in the country. This fact also guarantees you that the model is a high class engineered product that brings nothing but a top notch quality.


Though a compact unit, this Rhino loading ramp still falls for the heavy-duty class. It brings a tough 375mm aluminum body that can accommodate up to 4,000kg of load. This, then, makes it ideal for ATV, loaders, and other wheeled construction machinery. Its robust construction allows it to be suitable for equipment with pneumatic tyres, too. Though bear in mind that it doesn’t work well with steel track with rubber pads, and those vehicles with solid tyres.

Overall construction

In addition to its tough and specialized aluminum body, this Rhino 4.0 ton ramp as well boasts it lightweight and easy-to-transport design. Technically, the model only weighs 41 kg, making it hassle-free to carry and move to other locations. Its overall length measures 4000mm and its track width is 510mm.

Furthermore, the unit also comes complete with steel pins. These are very helpful in holding your ramps in place. A snug firm that is fit to your deck is also available, together with soles match angle. To complete the picture, unique treads are supplied as well to provide superior traction and a smoother ride.

Rhino 4.0 Ton Aluminum Loading Ramp: Price

New: $2,120 AUD ($2,332 GST Inclusive) – Southern Tool + Equipment Co

Rhino 4.0 Ton Aluminum Loading Ramp: Videos

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Rhino 4.0 Ton Aluminum Loading Ramp: The Verdict

Summing it all up, the Rhino 4.0 ton aluminum ramp is a strong piece of equipment that you can depend on when loading and unloading your wheeled construction machinery. I know, it doesn’t incorporate market-leading features, such as grab handles for better portability, and cannot be suitable for solid tyres and steel tracks. But, regardless of these, I still see it as a great inclusion in your operations. What I personally like about this unit is its superb 4,000kg load capacity and its aluminum body, which enables it to withstand the heft of mid-sized machinery. No doubt, this Rhino loading ramp is a smart pick.

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