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Review: Robot-Coupe Blixer Mixer Series

Review: Robot-Coupe Blixer Mixer Series

Robot-Coupe Blixer: The Introduction

The mixer has slowly become one of the most in demand kitchen equipment for both commercial and household kitchens. Its range has also seen significant growth that has allowed the operators to expand their scope of applications and support while improving overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace. In today’s review, we’ll be featuring a popular brand’s mixer series that’s been making a name for itself in the commercial kitchen equipment market: the Robot-Coupe Blixer Mixer Series.

Robot-Coupe Blixer: Key Features

Efficient operation

The Robot-Coupe mixer seems to thrive on busy working environments and setups, thanks to its infallible design that we’ve also proven quite efficient and very methodical during our test runs with the machine. In addition, the large capacity and leak-proof lid with a built-in scraper make it easy and convenient for the user to prepare all types of mixed and liquidised food.

Optimum safety and reliability

As noted by the manufacturer, the Blixer seems really fit for hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and even other setups that are normally facing heavy-duty operations. To add, a safety device has been fitted to the lid in order to prevent access to moving blades, while an integral motor braking component ensures that the operator’s safety is always in check and taken care of.

Improved serviceability

The Blixer also offers a well-integrated design that allows easy access to the machine’s service points and key components, making way for faster and more convenient maintenance checks. Furthermore, any part of the equipment which comes directly in contact with food can be easily removed and cleansed in compliance with the strictest sanitation standards.


The Blixer offer a good combination of several features of two of our favorite kitchen equipment: the cutter and blender. This allows the nifty machine perform more tasks and create a variety of outcomes and techniques that the operator can utilise at will. With everything on hand, the machine can easily adapt to preparing raw or cooked, liquidised, and pasty meals.

Robot-Coupe Blixer: Price

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Robot-Coupe Blixer: Videos

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Robot-Coupe Blixer: The Verdict

The Robot-Coupe Blixer Mixer Series comes across as a simple, efficient, and durable heavy-duty mixer that’s perfect for busy commercial kitchens. The series also features a good range of units that will let operator choose depending on factors such as a load of work and scope of applications. The Blixer series is relatively new, but the growth of the product has been consistent and that’s certainly a great sign for operators who are looking for an equipment that is built for now but good enough to hold its own in the long run.

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