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Review: Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench

Review: Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench

Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench: The Introduction

Aside from the common construction machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and graders, there is also other equipment that you need to invest in order to make your tasks easier. One of these is the air impact wrench. Essentially, impact wrenches are important tools that can help you accomplish many machine maintenance and repair jobs in just a fraction of the time. They are available in different styles and come with a variety of features, and when choosing one, keep in mind that you always have to consider the requirements of your upcoming project. If you will be tackling numerous bolt removal or tire rotation chores, then what you probably need is a heavy-duty wrench that operates without any noise or vibration.

For today’s review, allow me to feature this kind of air impact wrench that has also become a favorite in many workshops here in Australia. The model is the SI-1490 from Shinano. Read on and see what makes it a better option than the other brands on the market.

Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench: Key Features


Similar to the impact wrenches in the Shinano range, the SI-1490 is ideal for both the hobbyist and the professional user. Basically, it is designed to carry out the hardest construction machinery maintenance jobs, from tire rotation and nuts tightening. And that’s because it possesses this unbeatable power. To be exact, it can produce a strong 850Nm maximum torque, which is more than enough to help you in your project.

Though what I like most about this Shinano air tool is its Twin Hammer mechanism. This, along with its free speed r.p.m of 8,500 guarantees you years of quality performance.


Upon testing this SI-1490 over the weekend with the help of a local dealer, all I can say is that it is a power tool that you would love to work with. It is indeed very easy and hassle-free to operate. Thanks to its 4 position regulator dial and to its forward and reverse lever, which both enable simpler adjustments. The regulator lever, particularly, has a yellow color for your quick visibility.

Furthermore, this air impact wrench integrates a T valve as well. This then results in easier speed control. A multi-function level is also supplied for a simpler operation. In other words, this feature helps unfasten bolts faster in changing wheels.


In terms of overall construction, the Shinano SI-1490 won’t also disappoint. Bringing a length of 175mm, this model carries a 1.76kg weight. This then makes it one of the most compact and super lightweight air impact wrenches on the market. And not only that, it incorporates a composite body, too, for better durability.

Now for convenience and comfort, the SI-1490 sports a rubber grip that not only absorbs vibration but protects your hand from the cold as well. It features a feather-touch trigger and a handle grip exhaust that directs the air away from the user.

Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench: Price

New: $335 AUD ($369 GST Inclusive) –  Boss Compressors

Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench: Videos

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Shinano SI-1490 Air Impact Wrench: The Verdict

If you’re in the hunt for a heavy-duty air impact wrench that operates without any noise or vibration, then walk right towards the Shinano SI-1490. What makes it an ideal option than its competitors, you might ask? Well, perhaps because of its outstanding power and performance. As I have mentioned above, this air tool features a Twin Hammer mechanism and a strong 850Nm maximum torque, which is enough to carry out all your general machinery work and body shop. Its comfortable design is an advantage, too. I like the fact that it sports a rubber grip because this lessens the vibration during operation. Summing up, the SI-1490 is a dependable air tool that deserves a place in your workshop.

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