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Review: Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench

Review: Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench

Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench: The Introduction

I’m back with another air tool review. And this time, I’m featuring something from Shinano Inc. Before I begin, though, let me share a quick intro about this manufacturer and how good they are when it comes to crafting industrial equipment that promise reliability and value for money. Basically, this Japan-based company has been in the industry since the year 1969, and until today, they are still enjoying their reputation as one of the leading makers of such powerful tools. They boast not just the design of their products, but their extreme performance as well.

Moving forward, below is my review of their SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench, which has become a basic necessity in many repair and maintenance shops. Read on more to see if it can also suit your upcoming project.

Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench: Key Features


Like I’ve said a while ago, Shinano is known for the reliability of their industrial air tools. My team tested their SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench over the weekend, and I admit we were truly impressed by its amazing results. Indeed, it’s a model that a lot of mechanics and technicians here in Australia would love to work with. Particularly, it delivers a maximum torque of 1,200Nm using its excellent twin hammer mechanism. A high torque output like this guarantees that you can remove those stubborn bolts easily and quickly, and can even handle any heavy-duty application. This gun also features a free speed of (F) 6,500 rpm and (R) 7,000 rpm, and a bolt cap of 24mm/(15/16 in.).


The Shinano SI-1540B suits both amateur and professional mechanics since it is very user-friendly. It comes with a regulator or a reverse lever that lets you adjust its power between low, medium, and high so you can tackle any bolt removing chores. It doesn’t have a rubber cushion grip, though, but its handle is still ergonomically designed. Upon testing it, it didn’t give my hand a hard time while handling long and rough job. This model also operates silently and with lesser vibrations, so surely, you can use it anywhere and anytime.


Adding up to its usability, the SI-1540B also brings a durable built. Just like any other industrial tools under Shinano’s portfolio, it is designed using market-leading materials and components to make it offer a longer service life. Its tough construction allows it to withstand even the roughest working conditions. What’s more, it features a compact and lightweight design. This 3/4″ heavy duty impact wrench only weighs 3.4kg, which simply means that it is hassle-free to use, carry, and store.

Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench: Price

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Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench: Videos

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Shinano SI-1540B Air Impact Wrench: The Verdict

Summing it all up, with the Shinano SI-1540B at hand, you can be sure that you can tackle any construction or home improvement application that will come your way. What I personally like about this tool is its twin hammer mechanism that allows it to provide a high torque output. I also like its lightweight and compact design since it makes me comfortably and easily remove all types of bolts and nuts.

The model doesn’t bring an ergonomic handle and other innovative features, though, but regardless of that, I still find it a good tool that you should consider purchasing for your shop. It’s suitable for bolt removal, brake jobs, nuts tightening, tire rotation, and other industrial tasks.

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