What do you get when you place a jury of trade journalists in a room together and leave them to debate? A new Hunger Games movie? Well, not quite.  It appears they’ll hand you a result on the ‘Machine of the Year’ award for the 2017 SIMA International Agribusiness show in Paris, France.

From a pool of over 1700 contenders from 40 countries who exhibited at the show, New Holland Agriculture, a subsidiary of CNH Industrial, were pleased as punch to take home the prize. The brand’s innovative ‘Everest’ system was chosen by the panel for its efficiency and productivity improvements for farmers working in difficult conditions. The CX and CR models, using the Everest system are able to tackle steep slopes (of up to 20%) while maintaining performance. Keeping the combine level and optimising grain loading means that machines operating under these conditions can achieve the same results as those working on level ground. Furthermore, the cab is able to maintain level at up to 20% gradients, which makes for lower fatigue in users.

Better yet, the Everest system is fully integrated and does not affect the structure of the machine it’s operating within. Not only is this time-saving, but it makes upgrading efficiency that much more affordable. It’s clear that New Holland were well deserving of the title this year.

The ‘Machine of the Year’ award was inaugurated in 1997, and has since awarded titles in 17 categories across the agriculture sector. Focusing heavily on innovation and pioneering technology, the awards recognise the best-of-the-best in productivity, comfort, usability and cost innovation.

New Holland are no strangers to prestigious awards within their industry. In 2016, their new T7.315 tractor was awarded ‘Machine of the Year’ by the Agrictechnica show. New Holland Agriculture’s brand president, Carlo Lambro explains:

 “This award represents an important recognition from the industry of New Holland’s approach to product development that focuses innovation on meeting our customers’ needs with technologies that enable them to run their farming businesses efficiently, profitably and sustainably. The T7.315 rewarded is testament to our development teams’ capacity to understand our customers’ demands and provide effective solutions. We are particularly proud of receiving this awards this year, when we are celebrating New Holland’s 120 years of innovation in agriculture.” 

Around since 1895, New Holland are well-established as one of the biggest players in the market, worldwide. With over 400 models through 100 product lines, they are constantly adopting and developing new technologies to suit shifting market conditions and customer needs. Their Clean Energy Leader Strategy, launched in 2006 reflects their willingness to adopt strategies which reflect the changing nature of the industry.

“The Clean Energy Leader strategy influences every decision we take here at New Holland. It might be termed walking the talk or even leading by example, but what it really means is that we have put the Clean Energy Leader programme at the heart of our business, and it characterises what we do every day. From giving used parts a second lease of life, right through to reducing the environmental impact of our production, we are committed to safeguarding our planet to ensure that you can keep reaping the rewards of your hard work.” Carlos d’Arce, New Holland Agriculture

SIMA's 2017 'Machine of the Year' Award Goes to New Holland
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SIMA's 2017 'Machine of the Year' Award Goes to New Holland
The brand’s innovative ‘Everest’ system was chosen for its efficiency and productivity improvements for farmers working in difficult conditions.
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