• January 20, 2017

We take the Mahindra XTV Mountain Biking

We take the Mahindra XTV Mountain Biking

If you’re running a competition, you’ve gotta know how good the prize is. That’s totally why Machines4U company directors, Steve & Luke, took the Mahindra Flex Hauler XTV out on a mountain biking trip. They were thinking of the people.

Test-driving the Flex Hauler XTV

Steve and Luke selflessly pushed the XTV to its limits, flying over bumps, dips and obstacles, unanimously impressed with its performance. The generous 12 inch (304mm) ground clearance, in particular, was a favourite feature as it allowed them to go farther down difficult tracks than they otherwise could’ve. Mahindra XTV Cycling

Considering its primary application is on the farm, this shows how versatile the vehicle is. In its natural habitat, the Flex Hauler XTV is a leader in the field with 544kg cargo capacity and 952kg of towing capability. Considering it only weighs 712kg, that’s one staunch little machine. Seating was comfortable with room for three passengers and a couple of cup holders.

Steve was impressed with how easily it powered up hills. The 750cc fuel-injected petrol engine had more than enough guts to get them easily to the top of some pretty steep inclines. While the XTV is not an extreme sports vehicle (and we don’t condone using it as such) there may or may not have been an incident reminiscent of Dukes of Hazard during the boys’ excursion. (And this may or may not have been the highlight of their day).

Because they genuinely were thinking of the people, the lads didn’t just go mountain biking. They took the Flex Hauler camping and put it to use on the farm and on a construction site. The XTV handled all terrain with style and the electric lift made easy work of unloading wood.

Mahindra XTV: Features

As you’d expect from an all terrain vehicle, the 4WD XTV features auto-lock front differential and push-button rear differential, giving you greater control, even on difficult terrain. The steel chassis is sturdy, and boasts independent, dual A-frame suspension on all four corners. CVT transmission and large brake rotors are applied to all 4 wheels.

Machines4U will have the model on display at Sydney’s Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo so you can check out all these specs for yourself.

Mahindra XTV: Accessories

As far as accessories go, the Flex Hauler is a standout model from Mahindra’s XTV range. The electric cargo lift, alloy wheels and side-screens come standard and the aluminium tray features drop down sides so you can convert it into a flat tray at will. It’s easy to hose off, meaning you don’t have to waste any time on cleaning.

There’s also a full line of accessories available so you can personalise it for the work (or play) you want to do. There’s a range of roof and cab kits, and even a speaker bar to blast tunes while you’re driving or working. Mahindra also features tool boxes, extra storage options, a winch mount and all sorts of towing and comfort accessories.


By now you can probably see why our directors were so keen to take the Flex Hauler out on the trails. If you share their enthusiasm, enter here for your chance to win a Mahindra XTV of your own.

We take the Mahindra XTV Mountain Biking
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We take the Mahindra XTV Mountain Biking
Before launching their competition to win a Mahindra mPact Flex Hauler XTV, Machines4U directors tested the off-road UTV's capabilities on a mountain biking trip.
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