• November 24, 2022
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The Evolution of Container Handling

The Evolution of Container Handling

Presented by Mobicon System

While working in the logistics industry, Tom Schults recognised that there must be a better way of loading and unloading containers. In 1994 Mobicon Systems was established and Tom went on his mission to design the innovative Mobicon mini-straddle carrier. The first 2T mini-straddle carrier was ready to go to market in 1997 where it was offered to F&G Transport to trial, however, being swept away by the ease and performance of the product, they purchased the model 2 weeks into the trial, changing how they would do business forever.

Mobicon is now recognised worldwide and their carriers are now used in South Africa, Asia, Europe, the US and the UK. It is the number one choice of mini-straddle carrier by many large logistic companies, manufacturers, importers and exporters as well as the US Navy and Australian Customs to name a few.

Mobicon min-straddler in action. Source: Supplied.

Safety is Paramount

All Mobicon mini-straddle carriers are assembled in Brisbane Australia, using the highest quality materials and parts. Their commitment to quality means that the products are designed for performance and longevity, reducing operational costs, and increasing safety, productivity, and profitability. With any type of material handling, safety is paramount and Mobicon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the operator, ground staff and the precious cargo. The hydraulic lifting systems eliminate wire rope breakage; prevent swinging of the load and increase lifting efficiency and reliability.

Mobicon’s unique 4 axle design means the mini straddle carriers have the lowest wheel axle weight of any container handler in the world. The machines won’t damage the average yard. This means Mobicon straddle carriers are saving clients the cost of yard reinforcement and large repair bills.

The New Generation

The 2T mini-straddle carrier the first carriers to be designed are highly manoeuvrable and with the remote twist lock system, the operator doesn’t need to exit the cabin, reducing foot traffic around the machine and improving safety, whilst cameras assist them to guide the lock into place The newest addition to the Mobicon family is the 2HL mini-straddle carrier, first designed in 2016, now with some new features to support the evolution of Mobicon carriers. The machine’s compact design and manouverability dramatically increases the number of containers that can be stored.

Mobicon Systems CEO, Jesse Schultz, explains “There are several changes that we have made to improve the operating safety of the 2HL. In the second-generation model, we have placed the engine lower down, ensuring greater visibility for the operator when reversing and watching the placement of the container both on and off the truck. With an ergonomically designed cabin and control system, and larger windows, the cabin is designed for increased operator comfort whilst simultaneously improving safety. With a tighter turning circle, the next generation 2HL has improved maneuverability allowing for greater flexibility when required to work in smaller spaces.”

Mobicon Systems customer purchase. Source: Supplied.

Continuous Support

From design to delivery, the team will work with you and will take the time to understand your business, objectives, and challenges, and then work with you to develop an optimal load handling solution. We ensure the seamless transition to using the Mobicon mini-straddle carrier, followed up by high quality sales support. Mobicon will partner with you, through implementation, training, after sales service, and spare parts support.

Not only are these carries available for purchase, they are also available for hire. Get in touch with the team at Mobicon Systems for more info or come along for a demo to see these impressive machines in action.

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