• May 23, 2019
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The Future of Construction Equipment

The Future of Construction Equipment

Every year there are new innovations and technology advancements within construction machinery. And while rear-view cameras and GPS technology are nice benefits—where is the future of construction machinery really going?

Machines4U caught up with Greg Monk, Product Development Manager for Wacker Neuson to talk about what equipment changes he believes are coming for the construction industry.

With their own line of battery-operated equipment, such as their rammer and vibratory plate, it’s no surprise Greg is placing his bets on battery-powered technology.

“We’ve had battery technology for about 3 years now but it’s still in its infancy, but we’re innovating more and more. We have a rammer and vibratory plate fully battery-powered, fully eco-friendly, no emissions, no fuel, work green which is the way to go.”

The Benefits of Battery Technology on Worksites

battery technology in construction - vibratory plates and rammers
Wacker Neuson had a range of batter-operated construction machines on display – including these vibratory plates.

It’s obvious Wacker Neuson are passionate about the planet, and making Aussie worksites safer for everyone.

“Battery power is ideal for confined spaces where emissions could kill people if it’s in the wrong place. You don’t have to have fuel on site, so Job Safety Analysis can be covered without having fuel or diesel on site which saves a lot of time and effort. It’s also quiet, so working in sensitive areas like nursing homes or hospitals, it ticks off a lot of boxes for the contractors,” said Greg.

Some advantages of battery technology include:

  • Ideal for confined spaces, without the worry of toxic emissions
  • No fuel required
  • Easier jobsafe JSAs covered
  • Quiet, ideal for working in sensitive areas

“Battery technology is something we’re moving into with a lot of our equipment. We’ll have excavators, dumpers, all sorts of other products. It is the way of the future, emission laws are getting stronger and we all have to think about the environment. So, let’s do it.”

“We’re working in conjunction with a number of companies around the world for this battery technology. It’s quite important technology. It’s not the cheapest but you have to start somewhere. And being a large company and innovator, we design a lot of the products you see on jobsites nowadays. We want to keep these innovations happening.”

It’ll be interesting to see how batteries power the construction and other industries 20 years from now. What are your thoughts on machinery using battery power? Let us know below!

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