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Review: Toolmaster TM-U3 Universal D-BIT Grinder

Review: Toolmaster TM-U3 Universal D-BIT Grinder

Toolmaster TM-U3: The Introduction

The grinder is among the most important tools in many workshops today. The metal grinder, for example, is almost irreplaceable for businesses who handle continuous operations daily. After all, the workhorse is remarkably built for that particular purpose; to deliver continuously and efficiently over time. And while there are loads of grinders in the market today, it’s still important that a buyer would take ample time to narrow down his choices in order to determine the equipment that would have the best potential to complement his business. After all, just like all machinery, no business is completely wired in the same way. That’s why maximising your options by carefully breaking them down would go a long way to boost your company’s long-term success.

With that, you’re certainly making the right choice by dropping by on our site today. Primarily because our latest review will feature one of the latest machines in the grinder and linishing market. Here’s a look at the TM-U3 Universal D-BIT Grinder from Toolmaster.

Toolmaster TM-U3: Key Features

Durable build

The TM-U3 Universal D-BIT Grinder owns a top-quality build which is perfect for heavy-duty applications. The unit’s frame which has steel as the primary component is lighter than it looks, which makes the machine relatively easy to move. Managing the equipment and preparing for maintenance won’t bring much of a hassle on the operator’s part well. The ergonomic design of the equipment along with its classic look also makes it an easy adjustment for owners who are used to the more traditional grinders.

Good standard features

TM-U3 comes with various standard components that are nothing short of essential to improved efficiency. It’s default features include (100 x 50 x 20 mm) grinding wheel, 12V halogen light, wheel dresser (with diamond), mounted wheel flange, aligning finger, end mill grinding attachment, drill bit grinding accessory, and a lathe tool grinding attachment among many others. It’s also worth noting that the cutters are held by 5C collets which make it more steady during operation.


Another key advantage of the TM-U3 is that it can be used for grinding of HSS and carbide engraving cutters with single and multiple flutes in various shapes. Furthermore, the unit is compatible with top grinder accessories that could expand its range of applications. In fact, the TM-U3 can be set-up to grind end mills, slot drills, and drill bits.

Toolmaster TM-U3: Price

$1,511.40 AUD GST Inclusive

Toolmaster TM-U3: Videos

No videos available.

Toolmaster TM-U3: The Verdict

TM-U3 Universal D-BIT Grinder by Toolmaster is one of the more advanced grinders in its class. It’s class look and durable makes it perfect for workshops and other heavy-duty applications. Meanwhile, the universal “D” bit-grinder’s compatibility with leading accessories also gives the operator a lot of options to upgrade the equipment or expand its range of applications later on. Therefore, maximising the machine’s productivity and possible lifespan.

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