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If you’re looking to get into the metalworking industry and are not sure what you need to set up your workshop, this article is for you. We’ve highlighted the top 4 metalworking machines that are essential for any metalworking project. 

We spoke to Dave Tucker from leading Australian metalworking machinery dealership Asset Plant to get an idea of which machines are essential in a workshop and why. We’ve also included a showcase machine in each section as a price and feature guide. 

1. Lathes


Lathes are essential for any metalworking workshop. Image source: Supplied.

Ask anyone in the metalworking industry which machine should be your first, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: invest in a metal lathe. This is because these machines allow you to remove material from a rotating workpiece using cutting tools such as tool bits and drill bits. Such accessories help turn metal lathes into a truly versatile machine that can cut holes, drill, shape, and even thread metals.

Dave Tucker advises industrial-quality metal lathes really are a must-have in all metalworking workshops, “An industrial-built metalworking lathe really is the workhorse of the shop. We’ve found that people rely on these machines to prep and finish different jobs, because they just are so versatile! The lathe also allows you to work with different metals and materials, so I think it’s an absolute essential for any metalworking workshop.”

Featured Lathe: EURO Big Bore Lathe

RRP Price: $22,850* ex. GST

Top Features: 

  • Large 105 mm spindle bore
  • Ergonomic headstock panel
  • Two fixed steadies & one travelling steady
  • HAAS type quick-change tool post system & 3x holder

2. Metalworking Bandsaws


A bandsaw will be your go-to machine for cutting thick metals. Image source: Supplied

So once you have your lathe, you’ll need a machine that cuts your metals to size. A bandsaw is generally the preferred option, as they can cut through much thicker pieces of metal. Other advantages of the bandsaw include being able to cut irregular or curved shapes—making this machine an essential if you’re planning on cutting anything other than basic straight shapes. 

Of course, Asset Plant has a range of bandsaws available and Dave knows the advantages this machine can bring to the workshop. “The bandsaw is another essential machine in a metalworking workshop. They’re very easy to use and make it easy to create intricate cuts in different metals. Not only that, but it’s also a machine that anyone in the industry can use, regardless of their skill level, so it’s really great for the beginner right through to metalworking professionals.”

Featured Bandsaw: SM-HBS530-SAM. Bandsaw Double Mitre

RRP Price: $12,850* ex. GST

Top Features: 

  • Quality Taiwanese build quality
  • Double mitre cutting bandsaw with quick action angle positioning
  • Super industrial strength 34mm wide bi-metal blade
  • Hydraulic down feed system for automatic continuous lowering of the saw frame

3. CNC Plasma Cutters


CNC plasma cutters allow you to get more done, in less time, without damaging the material. Image source: Supplied.

For those looking to churn out a lot of projects quickly, a CNC Plasma Cutter should be your next investment. Not only will they save you money long-term (they are less expensive to use than laser or water-jet cutters), but they also offer high-precision thanks to their in-built computer system. And, even though they operate at high temperatures, CNC plasma cutters work to keep the surface of materials cool, which prevents warping and damage to paint and other coatings.

“Every metalworking workshop needs a CNC plasma cutter. These machines cut massive amounts of time off your workload, without damaging the material. They have a larger upfront cost but tend to save you money over the long-term, thanks to their incredible efficiency,” says Dave.

Featured CNC Plasma Cutter: Steeltailor Legend B52E

RRP Price: $35,850* ex. GST

Top Features: 

  • 1500mm x 3000mm cutting table
  • AngleBlade 100EPro Power Source Included with Package
  • Fastcam offline software with nesting & drawing pack included
  • Large 10.3” LCD Screen

4. Tube & Pipe Benders

Pipe and tube benders are used to create countless products. Image source: Supplied

The tube and pipe bender is a standard go-to piece of equipment for any fabrication workshop. Tube and pipe bending is essential for creating countless everyday things like cars and playground equipment. They also play a part in creating many tools, machinery and equipment, so it’s an absolute staple for anyone conducting metalworking projects full time. There are many different kinds of tube and pipe benders, so it’s best to check what suits your applications.

“Tube and pipe benders are used in so many metalworking projects, it would be highly surprising not to find one in a standard, commercial-scale workshop. If you’re starting out in metalworking, make sure this equipment is high on your list.”

Featured Tube & Pipe Bender: RDB-250 Tube & Pipe Bender

RRP Price: $18,250* ex. GST

Top Features: 

  • Can bend up to 64mm tubing and 50mm Schedule 40 pipe
  • Extremely useful for any chassis or handrail application
  • Can bend to 180° in just 9 seconds

For more information or to view other metalworking machines for your workshop, head to https://assetplant.com.au/

*Prices correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Asset Plant for updated prices and information.

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