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Top 5 Lawn Tractors Ideal for Large Properties

Top 5 Lawn Tractors Ideal for Large Properties

If you’ve got a large property, keeping your lawn maintained can be a challenge in and of itself. One of the best ways to manage your turf is a high-quality lawn tractor. To help you find the perfect lawn tractor for your needs, we’ve found 5 of the most popular models (by number of listings**) on Machines4U.

So keep reading to find out more about our pick of the top 5 lawn tractors ideal for large properties.

1. Toro Groundsmaster 360

To start us off, we take a look at the Toro Groundsmaster 360. Designed to cut in a full 360-degrees around objects and up steep slopes, it’s easy to see where this lawn tractor gets its name.

There are 3 variations available: 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with cab. All options use the same engine and have the same mowing capacity. But the 4WD version comes with CrossTrax included. CrossTrax automatically senses if one of the rear tyres is starting to slip, and adjusts the opposite front wheel to compensate, letting you continue mowing with confidence.  

2WD 4WD 4WD with Cab
Engine Kubota 1505 4-cylinder, diesel engine
Engine Power 26.8 kW (36 hp)
Mowing Capacity

@22.5 km/h

60” Cutter Deck: 2.2 hectares/hr

72” Cutter Deck: 2.4 hectares/hr

100” Cutter Deck 3.6 hectares/hr

Traction Drive Independent high torque, low speed wheel motors with 277cc displacement
Dual-pump hydrostatic CrossTrax. Parallel hydraulic drive, full-time forward and reverse 4WD (patent pending)
Ground Speed


Forward: 0-22.5 km/h    Reverse: 0-13.7 km/h
Fuel Capacity 51.1 L

More Specs

The Toro Groundsmaster 360 is quick and easy to service and maintain. All the main components and services areas are accessible without tools.

When it comes to pricing, it all comes down to age, condition and attachments. On average, the Groundsmaster 360 averages for around $22,930*, but can go as high as $53,381 for newer models with attachments.

2. John Deere 1600

Following Toro, we make our way to the big name in the ag and mowing industry, John Deere. Second on our list is the John Deere 1600 lawn tractor. The 1600 is a part of John Deere’s Wide Area series, and is capable of covering a 30-hectare area within a single 8-hour day.

Unlike the Groundsmaster, there’s only one version of the 1600, but it doesn’t fall behind in the specs department.

Engine Power @ 3,000 RPM 42.7 kW (57.3 hp)
Mowing Capacity Approx. 3.75 hectares/hr
Ground Speed Forward: 0-23 km/h Reverse: 0-11.5 km/h
Fuel Capacity 83.3 L
Cutting Width 157.5 cm (centre) 106.7 cm (side)

More Specs

With a huge 3.3m cutting width with both sides down, you can see why John Deere has put the 1600 model in the Wide Area series.

Your daily service points are accessible via the left side, and belt changes need little or no tools. Easy-to-access service points on the main body, as well as the side wings and attachments make the John Deere 1600 lawn tractor easy to service and maintain.

With high-quality machines come a higher price tag, the John Deere 1600 averages for around $25,000*, going as high as $35,000 or as low as $17,000, depending on age and condition.  

3. Kubota ZD331

Coming in third on our list is the Kubota ZD331 lawn tractor. Designed specifically for rear discharge applications and commercial use, the Kubota ZD331 is a wide area machine that’s great for large property owners and commercial users alike.

With adjustable front axle and speed control levers, combined with the hands-free hydraulic deck lift and parking brake, gives you a great level of control.

Engine Kubota D1305-E3-ZD
Engine Power @ 3,000 RPM 23.11 kW (31 hp)
Ground Speed Forward: 0-17 km/h Reverse: 0-8.5 km/h
Cutting Width 152.4 cm
Fuel Capacity 49 L
PTO Shaft drive, hydraulic independent PTO clutch

More Specs

*Taken from a proof Kubota brochure, final specs may change

The wide cutting deck and rear discharge means you have a lawn tractor that can mow a wide area in a short amount of time, while still having control over the discharge. Something that can be very important in tight areas or near windows or vehicles, where debris like rocks can cause expensive damage.

A bit friendlier on the back pocket, the Kubota ZD331 has an average used market price of $13,425*, with a low of approx. $10,800 and a high of $16,400.

4. Cub Cadet RZT L42

Moving down our lawn tractor list we come to no. 4, the Cub Cadet RZT L42. A zero turn mower with a punchy v-twin engine, the RZT L42 is ideal for properties around 3.5-acres in size. The smaller engine is quieter than some of the larger, more powerful options, giving you a more comfortable ride.

The Cub Cadet RZT L42 also features a convenient deck washing system. The Smart Jet wash system uses high-pressure water to quickly clean out grass and debris from the deck of the mower, making it easy to keep your mower clean and helping to increase its lifespan.

Engine Kohler Courage V-Twin OHV
Engine Power 16.4 kW (22 hp)
Drive System Dual Hydro-Gear
Cutting Width 107 cm
Fuel Capacity 11.36 L

The Cub Cadet RZT L42 is a lawn tractor that is easy and comfortable to use. The lap bars have comfort grips and electronic fingertip engagement and disengagement of the mowing deck saves you time and energy.

By far the cheapest in our list, the Cub Cadet RZT L42 has an average price of $4,674*.

5. Toro Groundsmaster 7210

Rounding out our list is the Toro Groundsmaster 7210. Yep, we’ve come back to the Toro Groundsmaster range because they’re just that popular! Much like the 360, the 7210 packs a powerful engine, wide cutting area and an intelligent design that maximises cutting width and fuel-efficiency.

With a zero turn radius and a choice between side or rear discharge decks (sold separately), the Groundsmaster 7210 is a versatile lawn tractor that is suited for commercial applications and large residential properties.

Engine Kubota Turbo-Charged 3-Cylinder
Engine Power 26.1 kW (35 hp)
Ground Speed Forward: 0-20 km/h Reverse: 0-13.7 km/h
PTO Clutch Hydraulically actuated wet multi-disc clutch
Curb Climbing Can climb 20.3cm curbs
Fuel Capacity 43.5 L

More Specs

The Toro Quick Attach System lets you switch between attachments quickly and without tools. A comfortable seat and convenient cup holder help reduce operator fatigue during those long mowing sessions.

As you’d expect, the price of the Groundsmaster 7210 will vary on age and condition, but you’ll find them on average for $16,598*, going as high as $30,000 in some cases for used condition.

All 5 of these lawn tractors are a great choice and each has their own benefits in individual situations. So choosing the right one for your needs is down to your budget, property and needs. Of course, there’s more than just 5 models on the market, so if you don’t think any of these are right for you, why not browse through our new and used listings or these tractor auctions to find some more choices.

Think we missed or lawn tractor? Think the order is wrong? Leave us a comment below and tell us why.

*Prices are an average based on data from www.machines4u.com.au. Always consult with your dealer/seller before purchasing.

**Listing numbers and order are correct at time of writing.

Sources: Information was taken from Cub Cadet Australia & respective product brochures.

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