Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer: The Introduction

Many of my friends who are running agricultural businesses are in the hunt for a good skid steer that can help them do the lifting and pushing chores. And it’s not surprising at all if you’re also looking for one, since these robust little lifters really do play an essential role in any livestock operation.

Well honestly, shopping for the right skid steer is not that tedious given that there are an array of brands and models currently available in the marketplace today. When choosing, you may go with the manufacturer, the features, or the price. But personally, I think the most important factor that you must consider is the size of your operation. Tougher operations call for tougher skid steers. And in this case, the Toyota Huski 5SDK8 can be a great option. Let me tell you more about this unit in my review below.

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Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer: Key Features

Power and performance

Under Toyota’s Huski range, the 5SDK8 boasts low running costs, a heavy-duty construction, and a long machine life. And I guess these are the main reasons why it became the skid steer loader of choice for many farming and agricultural enthusiasts. What powers this unit is a strong yet fuel efficient 1DZ-II Toyota diesel engine that can deliver a maximum output of 39kW and a maximum torque of 160Nm. With a motor as great this, you can ensure that your 5SDK8 can handle every lifting and pushing job you have.

Its bucket, meanwhile, delivers utmost reliability. With the option of either a G.P or a 4 in 1, the 5SDK8’s bucket brings a shock-reducing feature and a heavy duty construction to withstand the harshest conditions. It is dirt and dust resistant, too. So, you can guarantee that it can give you a longer service life.

Reliability and durability

Let’s admit it. Farming wise, our country has some of the most toughest working conditions. That’s why we can never settle for less when it comes to skid steers. The good thing, this Toyota Huski 5SDK8 is built to handle the most rugged Australian conditions. Specifically, it incorporates air condition and heating options to give its enclosed cabin a nice, comfortable temperature during operations. It as well brings an air filter and an air-intake port to prevent the outside dust from entering inside.

Also, the model comes with a urethane paint for protection against rust and to minimise fading. This contributes to the overall durability of the Huski variant.

Operator comfort

The Toyota Huski 5SDK8 is not just made for the job at hand, it is also designed with the operator in mind. The moment I first got my hand on this skid steer, I was truly in awe by its spacious cabin opening, allowing me to enter and leave the unit without the hassle. Inside, there is a user-friendly instrument panel that shows the low fatigue and low vibration control levers. The visibility while in the operator’s station is class-leading, too. No doubt, the 5SDK8 can provide an excellent operator comfort.

Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer: Price

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Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer: Videos

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Toyota Huski 5SDK8 Skid Steer: The Verdict

Summing it all up, the Toyota Huski 5SDK8 is a tough skid steer that can handle tough operations. What I personally like about this model is its power and maneuverability. Having a strong diesel engine and an easy-to-read overhead instrument panel, this Huski variant seems like it can be able to work from day ’til night without affecting its performance. I also love its durability. Simply put, this 5SDK8 can give you the most bang for your buck.

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