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TYM T503: Buyer’s Guide

TYM T503: Buyer’s Guide

The TYM T503 is a powerful compact tractor that comes with either hydrostatic or 16/16 sync/shuttle transmission. With an ergonomic dash and a minimum turning radius of 3352 mm, you’ll have no issues getting around tight corners. Ideal for farming, landscaping or turf management, the TYM T503 is a popular choice for many Australians.

TYM T503 Specs

T503 Specs

Engine Perkins 404D-22
Gross Engine HP 50.7 (37.3 kW)
Transmission Type Sync/Shuttle
Number of Speeds 16F/16R
Fuel Tank 60 L
Min. Turning Radius (with brakes) 3,352 mm
Min. Turning Radius (no brakes) 3,820 mm
Total Weight 1710 kg

More Specs

Specs are based off overseas model and local models may vary.

The powerful 50.7 HP engine provides more than enough power for all your day-to-day tasks. It also packs enough punch to handle optional attachments like the front-end loader and backhoe.

If you’re on a smaller property or don’t have the experience operating a more traditional sync/shuttle transmission, there’s also a hydro transmission option available, with the same gross engine power and virtually the same PTO HP.

Brand New TYM T503 Walk-Around

This video shows an overseas models and local models may vary.

The TYM T503 Cab

TYM tractors

That T503 comes with a foldable ROPS cab as standard, but a fully-enclosed, air conditioned version is available as well. The spacious design ensures easy entry and exit from either side, and greater visibility throughout your workday.

Inside the cab you’ll find the touch panel and LED instrument panel. The touch panel (located on the right post) is for the front and rear working lights, as well as the front and rear (cab version only) wipers.

While the LED instrument panel provides a number of easy-to-read gauges to help you keep track of:

  • Engine RPM
  • Engine temperature
  • Fuel level
  • PTO on/off

It also features a digital hour meter to help you keep track of the hours and plan maintenance.

T503 Remote

Hydraulic remote

To make the T503 a truly versatile machine, it comes with 2 rear hydraulic remotes and a 3-point hitch as standard. These remotes mean your tractor is able to operate more of your implements than many other, standard compact tractors. Making the TYM T503 a stand-out choice for farm or business owners who don’t have the space (or money)  to invest in more than one tractor.

TYM Tractor Prices

One of the most appealing points of the TYM T503 is the price. For the base model, you’ll generally be able to find a new tractor for around $36,000. The T503 also seem to hold their value fairly well, as a good condition used model will still cost you something in the $30,000 to $34,000 range*. Of course, these prices will vary depending on age, condition and included extras and attachments. 

If you’re looking for something different, check out these tractors for sale or perhaps score a good deal by browsing these tractors at auction.

Are you a fan of the TYM T503? Think we missed something? Or, do you think we should look at a different compact tractor? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

*Prices are an average based off information from www.machines4u.com.au. Always consult with your seller/dealer before purchasing.

Sources: TYM product brochure

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