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UHI Machinery: Primed to Tackle Commercial Applications

UHI Machinery: Primed to Tackle Commercial Applications

Presented by UHI Machinery

Small machinery specialist UHI Machinery has made a big impact in the local market in recent times by virtue of its diverse, strikingly priced product portfolio, including a number of premium range, top-of-the-line models which are primed to deliver power and versatility in all commercial circumstances.

This includes recent first-rate additions to its evolving line-up in the form of the XU20 zero tail swing excavator, US40K skid steer loader and US50K skid steer loader, which have been specifically decked out to tackle a range of professional applications.

Notably, these machines have been custom-made by the third largest earthmoving equipment manufacturer, using top-drawer components, producing a quality comparable to other big brands paired with eye-catching pricing.


XU20: Zero Tail Swing Excavator. Source: Supplied.

Having arrived in the local market earlier this year, the first-class XU20 zero tail swing excavator is one of the latest additions to UHI’s line-up, with it packing the power required to tackle a variety of demanding commercial applications.

The XU20 certainly sports some serious clout, with it bringing together a dynamic combination of features, including robust digging forces and productive working ranges, along with a fast hydraulic performance, paving the way for low cycle times and greater efficiency.

In addition to this, the XU20 is powered by a top-quality Kubota engine, lending it ample muscle when required, with operators able to tap into productivity and efficiency benefits in letting it loose across different projects.

The XU20’s reliability, robustness and convenient service access certainly make it a good candidate for earthmoving operations in the commercial sphere.


US40K Skid Steer Loader. Source: Supplied.

The US40K skid steer loader is another recent 2021 addition to UHI’s product line-up, with the powerful and productive unit decked out to provide operators flexibility in undertaking a variety of different tasks.

The US40K is equipped with a substantial rated load capacity, which comes in particularly useful when it is tasked with getting the job done across various commercial projects, including in the agriculture, farming, nursery, and construction sectors.

Meanwhile, the US40K runs a powerful Xinchai engine, paving the way for efficient and effective operations, underpinning the machine’s ability to keep on pushing through in a range of conditions when the going gets tough.


US50K Skid Steer Loader: Source: Supplied.

Like the US40K, UHI’s US50K skid steer loader is capable of getting the job done in undertaking a variety of commercial applications, with it a valuable unit for operators to have at their disposal when tackling tasks across a range of sectors.

The US50K sports a larger rated load capacity than the US40K, making it a go-to option for operations where a bit more bulk is required, including in the construction and farming sectors.

In addition to this, the US50K is equipped with a premium Yanmar engine, providing operators plenty of grunt to unleash as and when required, with top-quality components combining to deliver a smooth overall operating experience.


Complementing its broad product portfolio, UHI is focused on providing supportive customer service, from the initial sales and machinery selection process, through to the purchase of machinery, and also after-sales support, ensuring customers gain ongoing value from their equipment.

UHI also offers a number of finance options, encompassing a weekly payment plan, which are effectively designed to help customers quickly get equipment up and running in the field.

In addition to this, UHI’s machines come with a three-year/3,000-hour warranty nationwide, providing customers additional peace of mind, while UHI also has a comprehensive range of spare parts at its disposal, to cater for customer maintenance and service requirements.

UHI dealerships are located across Australia – in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Townsville. UHI serves the small machinery needs of its growing customer base, and with it provides both in-store pick-up and nationwide delivery.

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