• June 26, 2016
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Review: Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer

Review: Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer

Wacker Neuson 501S: The introduction

Farming has always been a profitable endeavour. In the past, revenues here were results of blood, sweat, and tears. At present, heavy equipment, together with industrial farming practices play a key role in ensuring regular income. On the other hand, funding is also necessary to obtain the right one. Which can spell trouble if you’re a start-up business owner who has limited funds. Don’t push the panic button yet because we’re going to introduce you to a handy dandy equipment. One that is big on practicality and productivity, but light on the pocket. The Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer.

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Wacker Neuson 501S: Key features

Three-fold advantage

You can say that this skid steer has the basic elements that can help you succeed in the farming industry. It has a powerful engine that can perform a myriad of tasks and an agile body that can enable you to reach cramped spaces in a jiffy. In addition to all these, it has a high load capacity that can allow you to carry enormous weight. Thanks to its operating weight of 1,810 kilograms, payload weight of 510 kilograms, and tipping load of 1,020 kilograms. Need we say more?

Innovative wheel system

The Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer is backed with an innovative wheel system that is specifically designed to boost productivity and safety. Each of its four wheels is driven by a module that consists of a transmission unit as well as a hydraulic motor. This plays a key role in ensuring full power transfer even on bumpy terrain. Plus, compared to other skid steers that are out on the market, this one has about 48% more ground clearance.

Low maintenance

Maintenance is a little something that would take a huge chunk of your budget. The good news is you’d spend less on maintenance if you’d go for the Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer. This is because it comes with composite connectors that paves the way for low arm system maintenance.

Versatility guaranteed

A little bit of versatility can bring you to places. Well, when it comes to this aspect, the 501S won’t disappoint. Due to its universal rapid change system, you can take versatility to a whole new level. With this, you can change attachments at any time and within minutes. That’s a little something that serves as an x-factor that can help you compete with the “big boys” of the industry.

Warranted safety

Safety is important in any industry. It can be said that the Wacker Neuson guys know this by heart that is why made sure that it’s well taken care of. The 501S comes with load limit sensing system that ensures optimum speed curve in instances where the engine is getting too much workload. This way, you can be rest assured that your welfare and those of your employees is not compromised.

Wacker Neuson 501S: Price

$27,091 AUD ($29,800 GST Inclusive)

Wacker Neuson 501S: The verdict

In simple terms, the Wacker Neuson 501S Skid Steer is an absolute multi-purpose vehicle. It is known for its exceptional load capacity and superb operating weight. To add, with its compact design, you can be rest assured that you can reach cramped spaces in no time. When it comes to servicing and maintenance, Wacker Neuson got you covered as well thanks to its low maintenance drive feature. What more can you ask for?

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