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Wacker Neuson Redefines Safety with the DV90 Dump Truck

Wacker Neuson Redefines Safety with the DV90 Dump Truck

Presented by Wacker Neuson

No matter what industry you’re in, safety is always front-of-mind when you’re on the worksite. Wacker Neuson has kept this in mind with the most recent addition to their dumper range, DV90 Dual View dumper. This dual view dumper enhances safety with a swivelling control station, meaning no dangerous manoeuvres in tight, cramped work spaces or reversing on the job site. 

The premise is simple, the seat, steering column and controls are attached to a swivel, which the operator can turn around at any time. This means drivers can always be facing the direction they’re travelling, reducing downtime for tricky manoeuvres and drastically lowering the chance of a crash or accident on the worksite. 

Greg Monk, Product Development Manager for Wacker Neuson’s Earthmoving Section, believes the DV90 is particularly useful for tunnel projects where space is extremely tight.

“Not having to turn around inside a tunnel is a big benefit, because there’s not a lot of room, being able to just drive in and drive out has people very interested.”

With more than a dozen units already sold since their recent release here in Australia, it’s clear to see Greg isn’t the only one excited to see what changes the DV90 can bring to the industry.

Of course, to go hand-in-hand with the swivel station, the cab has complete 360-degree visibility.

DV90 Operator View

The operator has a 1.2m view height of everything outside of the green highlighted section.

Inside the DV90’s Cab

An important part of safety is the operator station. A well-designed, ergonomic cab reduces driver fatigue and increases efficiency. It’s for this reason Wacker Neuson has incorporated some basic features in the dual view DV90, including:

  • A joystick with direction change switch and dump—so your operators can always have one hand on the steering wheel
  • A rear-view camera monitor as standard—and visibility no matter which way the seat is facing
  • A tilt-adjustable steering column for simple entry and exit and additional comfort during use

DV90 Cab

“There may be other brands on the market but none of them have the swivelling console like we do.”
Greg Monk, Product Development Manager, Earthmoving Section

Of course, there is plenty of leg and headroom inside the cab, and heating comes standard in the DV90 with optional air conditioning available as well. The steps to get into the cab are also highlighted so they’re easily distinguishable in all weather conditions, reducing the risk of slipping. 

Hydrostatic Drive

The safety features don’t stop in the cab however. The DV90 comes standard with a full hydrostatic drive that is easy and intuitive for the operator. The four wheel drive provides perfect traction on difficult terrain and articulated steering allows for a tight turning radius. Hydrostatic braking ensures that the dumper comes to a stop as soon as the operator takes their foot off the pedal (with a controlled deceleration of course). 

It also allows the driver to accelerate from 0 – 30km/h without loss of traction, and no fiddly gear changes speeds up operation and makes driving less complicated. 

“When you drive a 4WD and want to switch to a low ratio you can’t do that on the go, it needs to be done very slowly if not fully parked. Basically what happens with our machine—you don’t need to do that.”

Greg Monk, Product Development Manager, Earthmoving Section

Wacker Neuson DV90 Specs

Wacker Neuson DV90

While all the safety features play a crucial role for the DV90, you’re going to need to know what it’s capable of handling before deciding if it’s the right machine. We’ve compiled some of the most common specs below. For more comprehensive specs,  simply download the pdf.

Payload 9,000 kg
Operating Weight 5,071-5,396 kg
Engine Type DEUTZ TD2.9 L4
Engine Performance 55.4 kW (74.2 hp)
Max Travel Speed 30 km/h
More Specs

Aside from the standard specs, each DV90 also comes with an array of equipment as standard. This includes: 

  • Reversing camera
  • Multifunction display
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Wheel chock

If your project doesn’t need a dump truck with a 9-tonne load capacity, then have a look at Wacker Neuson’s DV60 instead. The DV60 is features all the same specs, features and standard equipment, but the payload capacity is 6,000 kg. 

Want to see the DV90 in action? Check out what it can do here:

Industry Leading Design

Ideal for tunnel projects or adding a new lane to the motorway, the Wacker Neuson dual view DV90 dumper truck will bring a new level of safety to the work site. The swivel console ensures operators can always be facing forward when driving, and will allow the dumper trucks to have quicker, easier access to materials and dump sites. With less dedicated turning space needed on the worksite, you can be more efficient with your machinery placement and reduce the chance of collisions or accidents when manoeuvering.

“Highway construction work is very much an important thing now, because the access roads on side of freeways don’t give you a lot of space anymore, they’re quite tight. So to stop the reversing is a big thing.”

Greg Monk, Product Development Manager, Earthmoving Section

Want to know more about the Wacker Neuson DV90 and how it can improve safety on your worksite? Then visit their website at https://www.wackerneuson.com/en/au/home/.

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