• May 7, 2019
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World-Leading Telescopic Handlers Hit Australian Market

World-Leading Telescopic Handlers Hit Australian Market

Written in partnership with All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment

As of April 2019, established material handling and access equipment dealer, All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment is bringing world-leading telescopic handlers to Aussie customers. As Australia’s official and exclusive Magni Telescopic Handlers dealership, this is exciting news for anyone looking for machines that reach higher, lift more and use advanced tech to do it.

All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment Managing Director, Dean Kretchmer, spoke to Machines4U about the partnership with Magni and these revolutionary Italian-made telescopic handlers.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Magni brand and offer our customers these unique telehandlers that have taken off in the American and European markets.

They bring new innovative features the industry hasn’t seen before. They have a brand new design with integrated diagnostics, touch-screen control display and a full-visibility cab. Magni only use quality parts and components, so it’s no wonder they’re currently the #2 telehandler brand in sales worldwide for the RTH models already.” Dean added.

All Lift Team at Magni location
The All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment team giving the thumbs up for the Magni brand. Source: Supplied.

With All Lifts’ national footprint, tech support, factory-trained technicians and spare parts—they have you covered.

Magni: A Game-Changer in Telescopic Handlers

Available in both 360-degree rotational and rigid options, these telehandlers have patented designs that make them leaders in their class.

“The big game-changer for these machines is their use of new technology. You get in the seat and there’s an iPad screen next to you that shows load charts automatically for every attachment you put on the machine. It has diagnostic screens plus a whole bunch of features for the operator.” 

This technology includes:

  • User-friendly touch screen display for driving, customisation, stabilisation, load chart & basic commands
  • Touch-screen to control & manage all aspects of the machine
  • More than 170 written fault messages (in 8 languages)
  • Integrated diagnostics for simple troubleshooting
  • Movement cut technology when breakdown occurs
  • Custom driver settings, which are saved for up to 4 different operators

Magni Telescopic Handler Key Features

Magni RTH Gamma features

Dean explained these machines suit people looking for versatile equipment that can do the job of many other machines.

“These telehandlers are so efficient, they can reduce or even eliminate the need for other machines on a worksite. Depending on the project, other machines like tower cranes, rough-terrain cranes, forklifts and EWPs could be replaced by a Magni telescopic handler.”

Key features include:

  • Lift capacity up to 50 tonnes (HTH Series)
  • Max reach up to 46 metres—a world first (RTH Series)
  • Levelling systems to adapt to slopes

“Combined with their massive max reach of up to 46 metres and a lift capacity of up to 50 tonnes, Magni telescopic handlers easily outperform the competition with similar models in the market,” said Dean.

Models & Specs

Magni 5.21 RTH telehandler view
The view from atop the Magni 5.21 RTH telehandler. Source: Supplied

All Lift Forklifts and Access Equipment offers a wide range of Magni telehandlers including:

  • RTH Smart Series
  • RTH Smart S Series
  • RTH Scissors
  • HTH Heavy-Duty Range
  • TH Rigid Series

Quick Reference Specs

Below are the main specs for each Magni telehandler type, ranging from the smallest to largest.

RTH Smart RTH Smart S RTH Scissors HTH Heavy Duty TH
Max. Lift Capacity Range 4000 – 4999 kg 4999 kg 6000 – 13,000 kg 10,000 – 50,000 kg 5000 – 6000 kg
Max Lift Height Range 17.56 – 24.6 m 20.80 – 25.00 m 25.70 – 46 m 9.52 – 14.00 m 20 – 24m
Overall Height Range 3109 – 3090 mm 3150 – 3150 mm 3120 – 3150 mm 2990 – 3800 mm 2860 mm
Gross Weight Range 14,750 – 17,230 kg 17,500 – 18,000 kg 20,050 – 24,000 kg 13,900 – 65,000 kg 14,500 kg

For more specs, head to allliftforklifts.com.au.

Interested in adding a Magni telehandler to your fleet? Find out more or make an enquiry here.

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