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Review: Zallys JAY800 Tow Truck

Review: Zallys JAY800 Tow Truck

Zallys JAY800: The introduction

Beaches, barbecues, tropical climates, and many others. These are the elements that best describe many places in Australia. However, many forget that there are also many vineyards throughout the country. Particularly, in the city of Perth. If you live here, you probably know that this can be a lucrative business in one way or another. But what if you have limited funds? Do you think investing in the said business is still a good move? If you ask me, my answer would be an astounding yes. This is because you can always turn to practical compact vehicles in the mould of Zallys JAY800 Tow Truck.

Zallys JAY800: Key features


At first look, you might think that because of its compact size, the Zallys JAY800 is an inferior vehicle/equipment. This won’t be the case once you get a hold of it. You can actually take its compact size and use it to your advantage. Because of its size, you can achieve an incredible sense of versatility in the vineyard and almost any kind of ground. In addition to these, this sense of versatility can be increased further. This, with a little help from attachments like handlebar basket, trailer hitch, coupling ball, and many others.

Made from the finest materials

If you’re going to buy something, you’d want it to be made from the finest materials. Now, you can never go wrong with this aspect if you go for the JAY800. Like other Zally vehicles, this tow truck is made from high-quality materials that are Conformité Européene (CE) certified. This means that they have passed European standards with regard to functionality, practicality, safety, and many others.

Clean and quiet operation

Since you’re going to purchase for your vineyard biz, wouldn’t it be better if you avail something that is environment-friendly? Well, the JAY800 is just what the doctor ordered if you want to take care of Mother Nature while doing business. This is because it is battery-powered and does not produce harmful exhaust emission. Take note that being environment-friendly doesn’t necessarily translate to compromised by product. This is because it can load up to 551 lbs (250.45 kgs) of weight.

Safety guaranteed

Even though it doesn’t have a cab, you can rest assured that your safety as well as welfare won’t be compromised. This is because it is equipped with a two brake system. This system is made up of a mechanical pedal as well as an electric lever. In addition to this, the motor comes with an electromagnetic brake that can help prevent accidental slippage.

Zallys JAY800: Price

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