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Review: 2015 Kubota U35-4 Mini Excavator

Review: 2015 Kubota U35-4 Mini Excavator

2015 Kubota U35-4: The Introduction

More than the exterior and the design, the construction equipment that has hit the market in recent years have actually made more improvements on what lies behind their mighty steel frames, (like transmission, engines, hydraulics, etc.) rather than what’s on the outside. The result, of course, has been well received in the power equipment market and is, in fact, a great contributor as to why we now enjoy a wide range of trucks, excavators, loaders, telescopic handlers. Having that flexibility surely works in the operator’s favor. Since they now have that luxury of cherry-picking the brand and machine that they personally think would suit the demands of their business more seamlessly that the others. In today’s review, we’ll be looking closely at one of the latest compact excavators from Kubota, an internationally recognized and trusted manufacturer of construction and farm equipment. In the next section, we’ll find out if their new U35-4 Mini Excavator would live up to the company’s high standards or will it flop?

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2015 Kubota U35-4: Key Feature

Compact and versatile

The old notion is that the bigger things tend to bring the better outcomes. But we all know how that worked out throughout the course of history, and as far as recent memory is concerned, the compact machines often bring the most flexibility that many businesses and applications need today. The Kubota U35-4 Mini Excavator fits that bill, thanks to its compact design that is well complemented by a combination of powerful engine and robust build. I also like how the excavator

Easy operation

To improve handling, the angle blade operation has been enhanced for easier ad more accurate control. In addition, the up, down, and float movements are made with a single lever, while left and right angle positioning are made by the rocker switch on top of the lever to represent a more efficient and convenient design that should boost the operator’s productivity. To add to that, the full-opening rear and right side hoods, engine, control valves and various components are all made very accessible for easy inspection, repair, maintenance.

Comfortable cabin

The cabin of the U35-4 actually looks well-organized and a bit underrated. It seems very comfortable and nicely designed, too starting from the cab’s wider entrance that is complementary with the increased legroom inside the deluxe cabin. In fact, it’s worth noting that the mini excavator is actually equipped with the spacious cab seen on Kubota’s much larger 5-tonne excavators. It’s actually one of the first things I noticed when I saw the U35-4 in Ram Equipment’s listing a few moons back.

Impressive engine

The mini excavator is powered by the manufacturer’s originally designed direct injection engine that puts up around 24.8 of horsepower and is also compliant with the internationally recognized Tier Ⅳ emission regulation. With a good set of power components and optimum balance, the Kubota can maximise digging and lifting, while also delivering the least amount of noise, vibration, environmental impact, and fuel consumption.

Safe and Flexible

The U35-4’s innovations aren’t just all for display or for performance, the compact excavator also boasts an OSHA-certified ROPS/OPG (Top Guard) canopy and cabin provide protection in the event of accidental rollovers and falling objects. In terms of performance, the mini excavator is duly compatible with market-leading attachments that can expand the machine’s scope and productivity. Finally, the operator can also program up to five different oil flow rates for specific attachments on the new digital control panel.

2015 Kubota U35-4: Price

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2015 Kubota U35-4: Videos

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2015 Kubota U35-4: The Verdict

Summing up, Kubota U35-4 clearly exemplifies the saying that big things may come in small packages, or in this case, smaller equipment. I like how the company has put additional focus on the operational comfort and flexibility of their excavator. In fact, I think it’s really important as a catalyst for the machinery and operator’s improved performance and consistency. As you may have noticed, too, the abundance of upsides for the U35-4 also seems very encouraging and quite assuring. But in general, the main takeaway I got after my time with the 2015 Kubota U35-4 Mini Excavator is the great value that the machine could offer in exchange for the operator’s money. The combination of market-leading specs and unique set of additional features puts the U35-4 as one of the top compact machinery, not just in 2015, but perhaps also around the foreseeable future or at least the next few years.

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