Weighing in at 3690kg, the Kubota U35 4 is a solid mini excavator. It has the agility of a 3.5-tonne zero-tail swing compact excavator with the space of a 5-tonne class cab (cab optional). It is a solid, good intermediate compact excavator that offers plenty of power, is quiet and (as you expect with Kubota) pretty reliable.

The Kubota U35 4 mini excavator is great for jobs like digging, trenching, pipe laying, and more. While we’ve previously reviewed the U35 4 excavator, this article delves deeper into its specs, key features and price.

Starting with a closer look at this excavator via a walkaround video.

The Kubota Excavator U35 4 Walkaround Video

Disclaimer: This video showcases an overseas model. Configurations may differ from the Australian model.

Kubota U35 4 Excavator Overview

Kubota U35 4 mini excavator

Released to the market in early 2013, the U35 4 Kubota mini excavator impressed operators with its cab: offering the same size and space as a 5-tonne class excavator. But that wasn’t all Kubota spruiked about their new mini excavator.

With its counterweight protruding a mere 50 mm, the zero tail swing is a great choice for those confined, tight spaces.

“The Kubota U35-4 combines superior power and outstanding versatility to tackle demanding jobs in a variety of conditions… More powerful arm breakout force combined with an array of enhanced functions results in the smooth, productive operation Kubota machines are known for.”

Features of the Kubota Mini Excavator U35 4

When it came to the design of their mini excavator, Kubota focused on 3 key areas:

  1. Operator comfort
  2. Performance
  3. Maintenance

Here’s a quick drill-down on each of these key areas, and what Kubota have done to deliver on these 3 fronts.

Operator Comfort

Kubota excavator U35 4 interior

Arguably one of the largest selling points on this excavator is the sheer amount of space and room the operator’s station offers. It was obviously one of their biggest priorities and most likely their largest focus. It’s available with a rubber or steel ROPS, and with or without a cab.

The deluxe interior includes:

  • Wider entrance & ample foot space
  • Deluxe suspension seat
  • 2-speed travel switch
  • Air conditioning (cab)
  • Easy ISO pattern change with a flick of a switch
  • Easy open, gas-assist mechanism front slide window (cab)

“…The U35-4 is equipped with the same spacious cab as our larger 5-tonne excavators. This roomy cab features a larger entrance, more legroom and an interior that is both luxurious and comfortable. Enhanced ergonomics allow you to perform routine operations with ease.”


Kubota U35 4 engine

When it comes to performance, this mini excavator gives its competitors a run for their money. Powered by Kubota’s own 24.8 HP direct injection engine, this Kubota excavator can tackle those demanding jobs, no sweat.

  • Powerful 24.8 HP direct injection engine
  • Auto-shift for travel speed
  • Third-line hydraulic return helps decrease oil contamination, less back pressure & has greater oil flow efficiency
  • Auto idling system

“Engineered with the power to maximise digging and lifting performance, it also delivers minimised noise, vibration and fuel consumption.”


Kubota mini excavator U35 4 serviceability

To keep your machine profitable, it needs to stay serviced and operating. To ensure this is as easy as possible, Kubota designed the U35 4 components to be easily accessible. This allows for faster inspections and repairs.

  • Durable steel side panels open easily
  • Accumulator for safer and more efficient attachment replacements
  • Full -opening rear
  • Right-side bonnets easily open

“The Kubota U35-4 has easy access to all daily check items. Easy access helps ensure daily checks, prolonging the life of the machine… The battery is easily accessed, checking belt tension is a snap, and the control valves are easily accessible for inspection.”

Kubota Excavator Price: U35 4

On Machines4U, we’ve seen Kubota U35 4 excavators for sale from $30,000 to $51,975, averaging at $41,462.*

Find U35 4 Kubota excavators for sale.

Kubota U35 4 Specs

Engine: Kubota D1703M-DI-E4 direct injection engine

Net HP: 24.8 @ 2000 rpm

Operating Weight: 3690 kg (rubber canopy, incl. pperator weight)

Max Dig Depth: 3010 mm

Max Dump Height: 3400 mm

Fuel Reservoir: 45 L

See full specs for the Kubota U35 4 here.


What do you think of the Kubota U35 4 excavator? Tell us in the comments below. Find more Kubota excavators for sale here.

*Prices are based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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