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Review: 2016 Hino FD 1124 XL Tow Truck

Review: 2016 Hino FD 1124 XL Tow Truck

Hino FD 1124 XL: The introduction

Transporting vehicles is a difficult endeavor, especially if you don’t have the right truck for the job. Because of this, manufacturers from all over have continuously dedicated their resources to deliver a reliable and powerful vehicle carrier to the market. Furthermore, these companies also strive to constantly incorporate innovations to enhance the performance of these trucks that will no doubt enhance its productivity and the profitability of the business.

Now, vehicle carriers such as tow trucks are definitely important in the trucking business that caters to this specific sector. If you’re planning to expand your brand or to start your own in this field, then you should purchase trucks that can certainly deliver. But if you feel lost as to which one to get, then you came to the right place. Read on as we feature the 2016 Hino FD 1124 XL tow truck that has taken the country by storm.

Hino FD 1124 XL: Key features

Top performing

This truck incorporates the Hino J07E-TP diesel engine that is ADR 80/03 compliant. This engine also boasts of a maximum power that can reach up to 176kW at 2,400rpm and a rated torque of 716Nm at 1,500rpm. With its 6-speed Pro shift Automated Manual Transmission, it reaches a maximum engine speed of 2,700rpm. In addition to those, the J07E-TP features a direct injection combustion system with exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) that reduces emissions. Finally, Hino installed an electronic control common-rail fuel injection pump, as well as a single cylinder water-cooled air compressor.

Safety features

The FD 1124 XL integrates hydraulic brakes with two leading shoes for the front and rear acting on all wheels. Hino also equips this vehicle carrier with an Anti-lock Braking System that prevents the wheels from locking when you’re braking. Aside from that, Hino installed an Anti Slip Regulator that promotes traction control to improve stability. In addition, this truck has spring parking brakes acting on rear wheels and an electric-pneumatic exhaust brake with a valve in the exhaust pipe. I would also note that it comes with the Easy Start feature. This automatically prevents the truck from rolling backward when starting off on steep inclines.

Cab features

The cab of this vehicle carrier is made of an all-steel construction with a torsion bar tilt mechanism. Your driver will surely feel relaxed when operating this truck with the comfortable ISRI 6860/870 seat with integrated seat belt. Its high back provides lumbar support and it is also multi-adjustable as well as air suspended. As with other Hino trucks, the driver and side passenger’s seats incorporate a 3-point type seat belt while the center passenger has a 2-point type.

The FD 1124 also features electric dual windshield wipers and electric and heated rear view mirrors. It also has a 12V electrical converter, power windows, and cruise control. Finally, it comes standard with central locking and keyless entry, DAB+ AM/FM radio with CD and DVD player, plus a Bluetooth function, and SRS airbag for the driver.

Hino FD 1124 XL: Price

New: $139,479 AUD ($153,427 GST Inclusive) – Hino Geelong

Hino FD 1124 XL: Videos

No videos available

Hino FD 1124 XL: The verdict

Obviously, this new model of the Hino FD 1124 XL tow truck is a good buy. It boasts of many standard features that also include the Front Underrun Protection and front and rear tow hooks. Given that this vehicle carrier is being sold in a brand new condition, I’d say that the price is relatively affordable compared to other newer models on the market. Power and performance are basically delivered on a silver platter with this tow truck. So if you’re undecided on which carrier to purchase, don’t be. Check the 2016 Hino FD 1124 XL for yourself and ease all your doubts about acquiring this for your business.

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