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7 Big Reasons The Caterpillar 140M Grader Is A Standout Machine

7 Big Reasons The Caterpillar 140M Grader Is A Standout Machine

Looking for your next motor grader? The Caterpillar 140m grader is a great choice. With a powerful turbo-diesel engine and responsive hydraulics, these graders make light work of digging, levelling, trenching and ditching. It’s a big upgrade from the Cat 140H series.

It’s true that a brand new Cat 140M doesn’t come cheap, but is worth the investment if it’s within your budget. Otherwise, a used grader is a good solution for high performance without the high price tag.

There’s a reason Cat’s at the top of the list for graders.

  1. Engine performance
  2. Enhanced power train
  3. Operator visibility and comfort
  4. Integrated technology
  5. Smart system technologies
  6. Easy maintenance
  7. Smooth operation

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Why Cat 140M Graders Are Coming Out On Top

Caterpillar 140M Motor Grader Specifications Overview:

Engine Cat C7 6 cylinder ACERT turbo diesel
Max Power 2000 RPM
Fuel Capacity 416 L
Turn Radius 7.6 m
Top Speed 46.6km/h forward / 36.8km/h reverse
Transmission Direct drive, power shift, countershaft
Moldboard Width 3700 mm
Moldboard Height 610 mm
Max Depth of Cut 715 mm
Blade Pull at Max Weight: 20,769 kg

Cat 140M Features:

  • Standard 14 ft moldboard
  • ROPS cab, sound suppressed
  • AM/FM radio
  • Air conditioning
  • Joystick steer
  • Accumulators & blade lift

Find the full list of specs and equipment here.

1. Engine Performance

If there’s one thing that sets Cat machinery apart, it’s their purpose-built engine. You’ll get a powerful advantage with the Cat C7 ACERT engine, built for heavy-duty workloads. You’ll maintain grading speeds, even with sudden speed shifts and load increases.

With the hydraulic demand fan, engine overheating is a problem of the past. The fan auto-adjusts its speed to maintain engine temperature, keeping the engine at optimal working temps. The Cat C7 engine also provides superior torque for moving those larger loads without delay. Get work done faster, more efficiently, while using less fuel.

In short: it’s big, it’s powerful and it can handle the heavy stuff.

2. Enhanced Power Train

M Series Motor Graders are built specifically for efficiency and longevity, no matter how tough or heavy the work. The 140M grader comes standard with:

  • Wide operating gear range (maximises productivity)
  • Engine over-speed protection (prevents downshifting to ensure safe travel speeds)
  • Full electronic clutch pressure control system (reduces stress on gears by optimising inching modulation)
  • Standard automatic differential lock/unlock (unlocks the diff during a turn, then locks again once straight—this protects the power train and also helps with operation)
  • Programmable autoshift
  • Power shift countershaft transmission (matches the Cat engine to help maximise power to the ground)
  • The Cat ‘live spindle’ design (extends bearing life on axles)

Buying brand new? The power train can be matched to your performance requirements.

3. Operator Visibility & Comfort

The Cab

Great visibility is key to precision work onsite, and this is where the 140M grader is unrivalled. This machine provides the grader operator with as much visibility and comfort as possible. In fact, it’s got the biggest and most comfortable cab in the industry. With only one main joystick and no levers to clog up the cab, operators have never had so much room!

A spacious cab reduces operator fatigue, as well as increases productivity. Other cab features include an adjustable seat, multiple isolation mounts to reduce sound and vibration, and a HVAC system.

Unlike their previous models, the Caterpillar 140M does not have hydraulics underneath the cab. This design gives the operator greater hearing ability, and a much cooler cab interior.


More visibility also means more control, better safety and heightened efficiency. Angled cab doors, a tapered engine enclosure and sloped rear window maximises visibility of the moldboard, tyres and rear view. Opt for the rear-view camera for a complete view of your workspace surroundings.

4. Integrated Technology

Now you can work smarter, not harder with Cat’s ‘Cat Connect’ technologies. These offer improvement in key areas including equipment management, productivity and safety. Here’s how these technologies will assist you on the job:

  • Link technologies give wireless access to onboard sensors and control modules. Now you can transfer information to and from the grader for easy data collection and storage.
  • Cat Product LinkTM Elite takes the guesswork from equipment management. Know the machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes so you can manage the project, make adjustments and lower operating costs.
  • Grading technologies give in-cab guidance and grading accuracy, reducing the need for site reworks.

Other optional technologies include:

  • CAT GRADE with Cross Slope reduces the need for operator inputs by 50%. This is through improving grading efficiency and maintaining accurate cross slopes.
  • The Stable Blade system helps detect and stabilise bounce. Upon detection, it will reduce engine rpm at 15% intervals to stabilise machine bounce. Once stable, it will increase the engine speed to the initial set level.  
  • Auto Articulation activates in gears 1-4F and 1-3R, and helps to automatically match the steering angle of the front tyres.

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5. Smart Systems

Full side shot Caterpillar 140M motor grader
Source: Machines4U

Not only are the M series built tough, they’re also built smart. Cat 140M graders protect your investment with these 4 smart systems:

  1. Cat Messenger. Once integrated, the Cat Messenger allows for quick analysis of critical data in real time. Know key information when you need it.
  2. Electronic Technician (Cat ET). This system stores diagnostic data and allows service technicians to configure machine parameters. Less downtime, more uptime.
  3. Automated Engine Deration. This system protects the grader’s engine by lowering the engine torque and alerting the operator of any critical problems.
  4. Low Battery Elevated Idle. This system improves battery reliability by raising the idle speed when low system voltage is detected.

This machine uses smart technology to keep itself running at peak performance for as long as possible, and makes it easy for quick maintenance and repairs when it isn’t.

6. Easy Maintenance

When operating heavy machinery, time really is money. That’s why when it comes to the 140M motor grader, Caterpillar have thought of everything—even maintenance requirements. These graders are designed to have excellent uptime, minimal downtime and reduced ongoing costs.

How have they done it? By knowing the key issues with heavy machinery: service points, working surfaces, contaminants and component life. Here’s how your Cat 140M grader won’t let you down:

  • Grouped service points make easy, fast work of any maintenance requirements.
  • Extended service intervals means your machine is spending more time on the job.
  • A lubrication system ensures working surfaces are properly greased, which not only increases component life but also prevents damage.
  • Fast-Fill ensures refuelling doesn’t take forever. In fact, it takes just 4 minutes.

7. Smooth Operation

Onsite, you need your machine to be responsive and easy to handle. The Caterpillar 140M grader is just that. Their sophisticated hydraulics system, with load-sensing capabilities and advanced electro-hydraulics, makes light work of the toughest jobs.

Not only are the hydraulics responsive, but they allow the blade to move freely under its own weight. This way, the blade can follow the contours of the ground or the operator can move the toe of the blade to follow a hard surface for precise grading. No satellites or infrastructure required!

So, there you have it. It’s easy to see why the Caterpillar 140M motor grader has been dubbed a ‘game changer’ for grader innovation and design.

Now that you know the benefits, take a look at some new and used graders for sale.

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