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Top Motor Grader Brands

Top Motor Grader Brands

Self-propelled motor graders, like the John Deere grader, have come a long way since their birth in 1919. Over the last 100 years, these leading brands have refined and improved their graders to become giants in the construction industry. Check out the features of the Cat 140M grader to see what we mean.

  1. Caterpillar
  2. John Deere
  3. Komatsu

Does it matter what grader brand I use?

Yes and no. It depends on what you need from your grader for your operation, and what is important to you.

We have listed the top motor grader brands with their benefits to help you decide.

Cat Graders

Caterpillar 140M Motor Grader
Pictured: 140M Cat grader. Source: cat.com

Caterpillar (known as Cat) are the industry leader for construction equipment and machinery.  When it comes to their graders, they have been in the game the longest out of all the other brands, since 1928 in fact. This means they have about 30-40 years of innovation over the other brands in this list. And it shows.

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Cat Grader Benefits

Disclaimer: This video showcases an overseas model. Configurations may differ from the Australian model.

So why should you consider a Cat grader? Here are a few key features in their new M series:

  • Cross Slope gives you more accuracy and control over the grader. It delivers simple blade control with auto pitch adjustments for precise grading. No satellites required.
  • The new M series can detect bounce and stabilise itself in 15% interval speed adjustments.
  • Auto articulated steering gives you better performance in those tight spaces. This helps improve productivity and reduce operator fatigue.
  • Advanced joystick controls give you full control of your grader. Shift, steer, adjust blade, control hydraulics and more all from one place.

For more info on why Cat graders are leaders, take a look at these 7 reasons the Cat 140M is a standout machine.

John Deere Graders

John Deere grader
Pictured: John Deere Grader 620G. Source: deere.com.au

While John Deere dominate the farming market, they are also highly regarded in the construction equipment marketplace. John Deere manufactured their first graders in 1967. The JD-570, the first grader with an articulated frame. And they’ve been innovating ever since.

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John Deere Grader Benefits

Disclaimer: This video showcases an overseas model. Configurations may differ from the Australian model.

Here’s why you want to consider John Deere graders. A few key features from their G Series:

  • Choose how you handle the work. Use joystick steering or the steering wheel thanks to the Grade Pro system.
  • Automatic blade controls (such as cross slope, grade control and return to straight) greatly improves productivity for a job done faster.
  • John Deere offer the smoothest shifting powershift transmission on the market. It gives the operator more comfort so they can work harder for longer.

Komatsu Graders

Komatsu grader GD655
Pictured: Komatsu grader GD655

Komatsu is a Japanese multinational corporation, and the second-largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world. They produced their first graders in the late 1960s, along with hydraulic excavators and commercial dump trucks.

Komatsu Grader Benefits

A few key features of the Komatsu GD series include:

  • Torque converter mode eliminates stalling in high-load applications, so you can get the job done without delay.
  • Advanced hydraulic system creates excellent blade pressure and movement.
  • Ground-level refuelling for fast filling.
  • Low operator noise levels for a more comfortable experience.

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Have we missed any key grader manufacturers in this list? Let us know in the comments below, or find all graders for sale here.

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