One look at Adjust-a-Bucket’s stall at the Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo and we could tell this company’s take on the world was out of the ordinary. Fifties-style pin-up girls cheerily greeted passers by, gifting them with air fresheners and leading the curious ones in to learn more about their employer’s remarkable invention.

Adjust-a-Bucket inventor, Anthony, has as much retro style as his pin-up girls. Handlebar moustache and mutton chops nestled beneath aviator sunnies, he looked like he’d be more at home in the seventies. All this old-school charm created the perfect contrast to Anthony’s invention which is so ultramodern it’s the first of it’s kind in the world.

Three years ago, he birthed his design into reality. After years of development, he is now a year into mass production, has sold over 1,000 attachments and has an impressive 100% satisfaction rate with his customers so far. The company is Australian owned and operated with attachments designed for the extremities of our environment.

The Adjust-a-Bucket range features a variety of augers and buckets of different sizes which can be adjusted to fit any machine. This gives machine owners and operators a level of freedom previously not possible. You don’t need a different set of attachments for every machine you use. Rather, the Adjust-a-Bucket attachments can be used interchangeably. This means less initial outlay, less weight on your truck when transporting them, lower fuel costs, and a whole host of other flow on benefits.

And Anthony is quite a character too when you get chatting with him. It’s great to see people bringing innovative ideas like this to the industry; solving problems for people and doing it in style.

Adjust-a-Bucket: Saving You Money and Doing it with Style
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Adjust-a-Bucket: Saving You Money and Doing it with Style
The Aussie company that was the first to bring money saving, life improving, adjustable excavator attachments to the market.
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