When it comes to achieving good material flow, many mining operations struggle. It’s from this struggle that ALLU created their one-step screening and loading method.

The ALLU Transformer bucket in action. Source: YouTube

The ALLU Transformer M Series is a range of multi-faceted hydraulic tools powered by whatever they’re mounted on (like excavators or loaders). This means existing machinery can be transformed into effective primary and secondary crushing/screening machinery. This bucket is the ultimate in boosting efficiency thanks to its ability to:

  • Screen
  • Pulverise
  • Aerate
  • Blend
  • Mix
  • Separate
  • Crush
  • Feed
  • Load  

From the list above, you can see how this is a fundamental change for the mineral processing, mining and quarrying industries. These transformers also help solve chute blockages and minimise the need for transportation of clogged, damp material heaps.

ALLU announced their Transformer M Series last year, stating that “the Transformer M-Series has been developed specifically for those companies who deal with large amounts of material on a regular basis. It has been designed to fit excavators and wheel loaders of up to 160t, being able to screen and crush materials from 15mm to 150mm.”

The Design

The Transformer M Series bucket makes light work of processing soils and rocks. Source: allu.net

So how do these buckets work? They crush the material and separate hard, unwanted impurities within the rock or soil. At the same time, they can load the dump truck or conveyor system. They come in different drum configurations including:

  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm
  • 150mm

This means processing different size fragments is possible at once without the need to switch buckets. It’s a fully mobile process, and ensures the processed materials are all of the same quality.

“Boosting productivity and delivering operational efficiency, the Transformer M-Series adapts to the processing needs and rock mass it encounters.” ALLU state.

Transformer Bucket Australian Stockists

  • NSW – Groundtec Equipment
  • QLD – Queensland Rock Breakers
  • SA – Ram Equipment
  • VIC – Walkers Hammers
  • WA – Total Rockbreaking Solutions
  • TAS – DLM Machinery

What do you think of the ALLU Transformer buckets? Let us know below, or take a look at excavator buckets here.

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